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  1. I should be there friday evening.maybe around 8:00.
  2. That's awesome! What's it run?
  3. Car is sold to a new member.I'm sure he'll make an introduction soon.I'm very happy with the new owner and think he'll do a great job keeping it on the road and I'm sure everyone here will make him welcome.
  4. I'm not sure Auto Meter makes an overlay for that.they might though.that tank is an expansion tank with the rad.cap in the top.that's where you add coolant.headers are mild steel and have been Jet Coated.Right now Car is pending sale.
  5. That sounds good.Props for doing your homework. Keep us updated.
  6. All the surface rust was wire brushed, primed and painted.it was all rattle canned on the front and the engine bay.The rust you see on the pipes were cleaned and Jet Coated.There is a little bit of surface rust showing up on the headers but not real bad.I guess that's the price for not going stainless.I can get pics of that in a day or two.I'm snowed in right now and no power at my shop.If you're interested I can pm you my # and we can discuss any questions.
  7. Yes the seatbelts are functional and all in the same place.the rear seats have a hole in them same as the conquest seats for the seatbelt latch.the front seats were installed by welding the conquest bolt flanges onto the tiburon rails so they bolt into the factory location.the rear seats were modified quite a bit but use the factory bolt holes.changing back would be simple.I did not keep the factory seats. The rear seat had the fold down latch missing and the driver's side had the bolster ripped.I tried for a while to find suitable replacements then came across these for $200.so I decided to swap.they are a lot more comfortable to me but wouldn't be a problem to swap.
  8. Thanks Chad.I appreciate it.It shows that the people who have seen this car recognize what's been put into it.
  9. I edited my previous post. There is no rust under this car. It was mistyped. No rust on frame rails or body.every suspension bushing has been replaced with poly bushings.torque tube bushings were replaced with new factory bushings.New center link from Dad.adding a couple pics.
  10. Hate to hear that.I work in loudon and it was pretty slick on the way in this morning
  11. Yes I replaced the support.when I bought the car someone had done an engine swap and cut the top support out where the hood latch bolts in.I've seen this done before and don't like it myself.I had another quest that had been rear ended so I drilled the spot welds and swapped them out.I thought I had a pic of it before but I don't.if you look at some of the pics you can see the outside of the inner fenders are grey but that's just the undercoating.Nothing has been replaced there.I sprayed the engine bay flat black.there is No rust under the car to speak of.might be some rusty bolts somewhere or on the muffler but no cancer or anything. Most everything is coated.
  12. just call in drunk....I mean sick.
  13. Great questions.I haven't put an intercooler on it.m running water/meth right now.It would benefit from one though.Ive looked it over and I think the best way to do it is turn the upper intake around so the inlet is on the drivers side.this intake will bolt up either way.that would also get the inlet away from the turbo.Its not really a problem right now but that would be better.I tuned it with the help from some tuning buddies.basically just copied Fords timing table and pulled a couple degrees on the top.Fuel has been adjusted to acceptable afr's.Its been awhile but I believe around 11.5 under boost and 13s to 15s part throttle and cruise.It could use a little more work when cold around 30s to 40s just needs richened up at idle.no problem to do.The boost controller is set at 6 and 10.just push a couple buttons.Also I forgot it has an innovative motorsports wideband installed In a.two gage pod with auto meter boost gage.I looked at the carfax a few yrs back.there were no accidents or issues.
  14. Thanks for the comments. Its come a long way since 08.I also forgot to mention it has laptop with program for tuning.
  15. Thanks Braden.there are 17 pages in my photobucket showing the car through the build, some interior shots, and the gage cluster.I can text other photos you might be curious about.
  16. Its an inspiration seeing you stay this positive. You're in my prayers also.
  17. I'm still here also. I wondered what you were up to.
  18. I'd be interested. What part of east tn.
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