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  1. I finally managed to get logged back in to the site. Recently got the San Marino car I bought about 6 years ago running. Lots of tidying up to do but hearing it run gave me some motivation. Car had sat with a fresh rebuild since the mid 90’s. Unfortunately one of my post I was wanting to review and or update was lost in the site crash. Anyway, good to be back on the OG platform.
  2. I have not played with it in a long time but I reduced launch wheel hop with tire pressure and launch technique. At first I dumped the clutch but then I started to walk the clutch out. May be harder on the clutch but better on my 60ft time . As far as burnout hop goes, I would just check all your bushings etc like said above, then play with tire pressures.
  3. Nice! I am about to build a 32x60., can't wait. I was going to go with a 40x60 but the giant hill I live on put that out of the budget.
  4. We just put our Cherokee up for sale and also decided for third row seating in the new ride. At first we looked at the Acadia/traverse/enclav with the bucket second row seats. But in that search we ran across an expedition with a bench middle seat. Really liked the expedition but wanted buckets. Long story short I now have a hella car payment on a new 2013 expedition. The Acadia however had tons of room inside but the one we drove just kind of felt cheap and the wife liked the expedition better. The new 2015 expeditions with have the 3.7 ecoboost at or around 375hp! That is 65hp over he 5.4 Trition v8
  5. S&W M&P Shield. Nice, and compact yet shoots and recoils like it is much larger. Carried. In a IWB hybrid style holster. Www.hhholsters.com. I run the mini ranger.
  6. Luckily there is enough redundancy in aircraft huh? Lol. That and every thing is on paper. When I worked on general avation (mostly piston engine aircraft) I was astounded by the number of older mechanics that could not work on their own cars and would come ask me a rookie in the avaiation field for car advice.
  7. Finally replaced the right front caliper, installed new front pads and washed it. Then took her for a drive. Felt good to drive it again.
  8. Nice man, i have not been on here in ages.. well since about the time you started on this project. Looks awesome! Nice work and congrats on the cover.
  9. So what is a good source on front struts now days? I seen that rock auto has KYB's for $43, any experience with them? If I remember in the past they were a common replacement for these cars but I have been out of the game for a while. Also going to replace the upper mounts this time around and see they are available from rock auto too. Last time I did my struts I did not replace the mounts and now I have some play/slop in my struts. I used Monroe struts last time and was not impressed. Much more of s spongy ride compared to stock, how do the KYB's compare. Thanks.
  10. Thanks obsolete, looks like a winner to me. Nice price for what you get.
  11. Alright guys, just started driving the quest again and i am ready to get the 16g back on it. I never did purchase a kit since i asked this question last time. http://gpopshop.com/products-page/all-kits/page/3/ The turbo started smoking so i pulled it and put on my spare.. will the standard kit do or do i need the complete kit? This was a forced performance conversion turbo. And i am pretty sure it uses the concave compressor wheel, not sure if that makes a difference or not. I am guessing the standard kit will do as other than smoking it looks fine.
  12. Well I got lucky and they just missed us, but 10 minutes north got nailed by some pretty big tornadoes. They are already saying 4 deaths and the storm has not even passed yet.
  13. Got some nasty ones about 15 minutes out. Good thing I have cold beer in the basement. In southern Indiana / Louisville ky area.
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