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  1. I have one set of mits lash adjusters. $40 shipped please email jhinerman@twmi.rr.com Thanks
  2. Hey are OEM Genuine Mitsubishi. I will have to look at the part number tomorrow, but they are for the G54B. I've had them about a month, and they are even in new mitsubishi packaging, so it is not like they are new old stock and have been sitting around on a shelf for years, they are brand new.
  3. I have 32 brand new Mitsubishi lash adjusters in the bags. Would like to see sets of eight. $40 a set. or make me an offer List is $14.32 each email jhinerman@earthlink.net
  4. Can you send me some more info. I may be interested, jwhinerman@comcast.net
  5. They are sorta similar to the Haloplug.com. Wouldnt you almost think that all those electrodes would block some spark?
  6. Take a look at these www.e3sparkplugs.com
  7. Heron, My pipe did show up, looks really nice, have not installed it yet. Great welds also.
  8. Not yet, but I am sure it will get here soon. thanks again
  9. Heron, I am still intersted, please email me if these are still available. jwhinerman@comcast.net
  10. These things available yet? I need a metal head gasket
  11. Do you have a pic? I am using the 1g boot now and routing by bov to it and would like to keep the bov in there.
  12. Are the tail lights the same from a 87 quest and a 89?
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