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  1. For the starquest cars it's 650cc primary and 950cc secondary; my suplier sent me 650cc injectors instead of 550cc that I'm actualy using for the EVO, Eclipse and etc..., so instead of returning the 650cc, they offer me a discount and a few more days to pay, so I'm transfering the discount to the buyers to see if I can sell them fast; I have untill next friday to tell them what I'm going to do; If I don't get at least 20 guys by this Wednesday I'll return the injectors to get the 550cc, that is actualy on it's way already.So all the injectors I've sold before are 650cc primary and 950cc secondary; did I make myself clear on this? Thanks, Heron Trilogy Turbos
  2. Please put me down for one pair. Thanks, Heron I'll paypal you the $$ later today. Thanks
  3. Yes, they are! Left is always positive and right is always negative. That's why we have to swap the wires.
  4. I didn't see your e-mail. Unless you send it to Trilogy Turbos instead. You can also contact me at : hwprof@starnetdial.net or the shop's e-mail info@trilogyturbos.com Thanks, Heron
  5. John thanks for the patience! Local machine shop gave me a hard time! You should have received yours by now! I still have 2 in stock.
  6. If you're building a beast you better go with the CMR II; 360 milijoules. Are you maintaining ONE COIL setup or going TWO? My phone # is 954 274-8110. Regards, Heron
  7. Jeff; The ignitions are made in Brazil (CM Racing, www.cmracing.com.br) since 1973 and I became their dealer here in the U.S. I'm selling them with the name Trilogy Turbos, my new company. You can see a picture of the ignition at www.trilogyturbos.com. I have 2 versions. The CMR I with 180mjoules of power, that is already stronger then the MSD 7al3 and the CMR II with 360mjoules (this is a lot). The manufacturer just homologated a new one that will range in the middle of this two. The ignition features a SINGLE SPARK from iddling to 7.5K rpms (CMR I). Most ignitions features a multiple spark under 3K rpms. We don't need that, what counts is the first spark! The strongest the better! This way you can run your car with bigger spark plug gaps and benefit from a very good combustion. I already mentioned before that my car fuel mileage increased from an average of 235 miles per tank to 275 miles, mixed city and highway. I run a constant 18psi on a 18G; highway speed is 65 to 85mph and I floor it all the time. ;D The product I'm offering is just the ignition. Now if you need boost retard and etc... I can incorporate in the box. Just like MSD has different models for add on features. To give you an idea I also sell the combo, ignition/MEG. MEG beeing the feature to retard ignition up to 20degrees and best of all it's also an AIC (additional injector controller), using the boost feature with one or two fuel maps on the injectors. So, for example if you instal a bigger turbo and you need more fuel at 13psi you adjust the first stage of the injector to 13psi. If you still need more fuel at 18psi you adjust the second stage to 18psi, that simple! The MEG can control up to 10 injectors SEQUENTIALLY. What I mean by that is: the injectors pulsates at the correct time, when the intake valve opens! What happen is that most people OVERSIZE the injectors so they loose a lot of the drivability of the car. Iddling is compromised and fuel mileage even worse. This way you can keep your stock injectors and they will kick in ONLY when you need it. The Ignition/MEG system for our cars, that have 1 coil and distributor, cost about $450.00! I remember someone saying here at the board that our cars have a fuel cut at 18.5 psi. I honestly don't think so. I think our IGNITION just give up at 18.5psi. The car does a "bbbbrrrrrrrr" and if you take your foot out of the gas and step on it again it goes away until you reach the same boost. After I put the ignition my car does not do that anymore. As I said before I'm running a 18G at 18psi (some times 20psi), with .038 spark plug gap, no hesitation. I, personaly, buy parts for their technical specifications not brand names. That's just me. Thanks,
  8. I can't believe! No one replied to this post! What is it? The product? Me? or what? I need some feedback guys! Heron
  9. I would like to know if there is anyone interested on the ignition boxes/spark enhancers I begun to sell on the market. The version for our cars, with 1 coil and distributor is the CMR I, producing 180 milijoules of power what is already stronger then the MSD 7al 3. This box produces a SINGLE spark up to 7.5K rpms and will greatly improve your fuel mileage,reduce oil contamination and reduce the need for constants spark plug replacement. I recomend up-grading the stock coil to get the full benefits from the ignition. It does not have boost retard or rev limiter either. But if you need it, I have on another setup. We don't need multiple sparks! What counts is the first spark! There is no need to "remove" your stock ignitor box, this one is a ADD ON! I'm giving a ONE YEAR WARRANTY ON THE BOXES. Price for the starquestclub is $195.00 plus shipping that I presume won't go over $13.50 with insurance. Please check my websit at www.trilogyturbos.com Thanks,
  10. Well I'll have to dyno my car again. Last year I wasn't able since the first pull it was too rich, then on the second pull the stock intake hose cracked then it went lean and we had to stop the test. I'm pretty sure I've seen some Japanese videos on Nissan cars beeing turbocharged and they very proud of the "constant" 0.86 volts on the readings. I'm not sure what was my A/F when I dyno my car the first time 2 years 1/2 years ago. The problem is that now I have more then 160K on the engine.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong. The bottom line is the A/F line... you should stay at 14 all the way from start to end; that means 0.86volts at the oxigen sensor. You would get more HP and torque.
  12. Oscar, put me down for 1 set. Thanks, Heron Please e-mail me directly when it's time to send the $$
  13. Sorry guys, I was out of service for almost 5 days! My internet provider swap dialing companies and everything went south. Please take note of my new e-mail; hwprof@starnetdial.net I'll try to upload the pictures today or tomorrow depending on my schedule here. Thanks, Heron
  14. Yes, that's what is called MEG. MEG is the electronic that manage the extra fuel injection (sequential) and retard spark using the vaccum port built in. The MEG/ignition combo (in the same box!) with 2 pressures to control the extra injector is only $525.00. Now I'm trying to add to this combo, the fuel injector (good for 180HP), the resistor and the fuel injector adaptor to be welded to the OVCP. I can send you a picture of the instalation on my car. The extra injector, adaptor, clip for the injector & resistor will go for around $120.00 extra, so you're looking at about $645/650 for everything. This setup can be used on any car that uses 1 coil and distribuitor. This setup will also enable us to use 2 coils, like the eclipse, 2 cylinders firing at the same time. Regards, Heron
  15. There is something wrong with the Yahoo photo, it's not working. I'll try again later. Regards,
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