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  1. I bought this truck with 148K miles back in Sept '03, now it has 259K miles. Used it for commuting but just recently bought a newer car that gets better gas mileage. I don’t need the pick-up anymore and I'm buying a house so it’s up for sale. I live outside of Philadelphia, PA, zip is 19078. At 150K miles: -Head was rebuilt -All engine gaskets and seals replaced (including rear main seal) -Timing belt, tensioner, spring, idler and water pump replaced -New brake pads and rotors -Replaced front wheel bearings -Radiator and hoses -Fuel pump and filter -K&N air filter -PCV valve -Accessory belts -O2 sensor -Cap/rotor/plugs/wires -Thermostat & coolant -Shocks (tokico) -4 Tires -Rear diff fluid -Trans fluid -Rad fan clutch -Clutch, pressure plate, throw-out & pilot bearings and resurfaced flywheel -front and rear trans seals At 220K miles: -New brake pads and rotors again -Wheel bearings re-packed -2 lifters replaced -Valve cover gasket -Fuel filter -4 Tires -Front turn signal bulbs At 240K miles: -All engine gaskets replaced -Timing belt, tensioner, spring, idler and water pump replaced -New radiator and hoses -Fuel filter -PCV valve -Accessory belts -Cap/rotor/plugs -Thermostat & coolant -Coil -Rear diff fluid -Trans fluid -New exhaust: magnaflow catalytic converter & muffler & custom piping -Headlights -O2 sensor Spare parts: -OEM Antenna -Heater core hoses Issues with the truck: -Some rust on passenger side door and rear bumper (see pics) -Rough idle sometimes, comes and goes. Maybe due to rust in the tank? -Dent in front bumper, rest of body is straight -Recline lever on driver side seat broke off, I use vise-grips to move it when I have to. -One or two lifters tick on start-up about half the time but it goes away after ~5 minutes. -AC doesn’t work, it quit on me in ’05 and I didn’t want to pay for the conversion to R-134. -Gas gauge only works when the level gets down to ¼ tank. -Worn drivers seat. I always changed the oil every 3,000 miles with Shell Rotella T Synthetic and a Pure One oil filter, last oil change was at 258K. It burns about 1 quart every 1000 miles which is typical. It never smokes on start-up like most of these trucks do. It gets 24 MPG city and 28 MPG highway going 65. If you’re interested, please respond by e-mail to natepanek at hotmail dot com. Pics: http://s86.photobucket.com/albums/k98/dsta...20B2200%20LE-5/ Asking $1,000 Thanks, Nate
  2. It's in pretty good shape. Some of the red paint has been scratched but it's in perfect working order.
  3. You still want the turbo? I also found the OEM steering coupler and added it to the list
  4. shipping would be $10 but I need to talk to jimbo first to see if he wants it.
  5. Ruduced a couple prices. I'll take some better picks of a few items. I'd hate to throw this stuff away.
  6. Reduced prices. Make an offer if you think I'm asking too much.
  7. One more week here and then these parts are going on ebay. If you want something listed and think I'm asking too much, make an offer.
  8. I'm heading out of the country until friday so if you want anything, pm me and I'll respond when I can. Nate
  9. thanks edit: woops...just read the guidelines...please delete this post :oops:
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