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  1. All the cd009 swaps included cutting off the original belhousing and bolting on a new one to the front of the case. It could be possible bill overlooked that part. I used bills early t56 kit. Got 6k miles out of it till the threads for the fork pulled out. He emails me saying he has some. One time sent me a pic in the email with 6 belhousings on a pallet. He broke contact again 12/26/2023. Was looking to buy a new kit from him but seems hard to keep in touch.
  2. I already have the t56 transmission with all the parts for the swap. Put 6k miles on it before the parts failure. Bills auto fab stopped responding to me when inquiring on their updated kit they didn’t put in production. I still have a km132 transmission that I used before the t56 that needs a rebuild, I’d have to source a new transmission, torque converter and custom driveshaft to make an auto work. Lol. Same with a bmw trans.
  3. Had the Hincher kit. They practically cut contact in January this year due to covid. The collar for the throw out bearing wore down to the point the clutch wasn’t disengaging.
  4. Looking for a 4g63 turbo engine to a borg Warner t56 trans. Had a part failure and was wondering if anyone still has a kit laying around.
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