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  1. Wow suck in a hurry not to believe me lol. I'll take some pics and load them up this afternoon but yea I went on halloween to go look at the car. And it's as nice as the pics. Body is like 95% straight. Interior is flawless and yes those cosmo seats are cool but don't like the head rest lol. The kid who had the car only had it for 5 months put a new clutch in it. Little while later he blew the head gasket. He fix that then in 1 week the rod starting knocking and it sat for 2 months before I found it But the good thing about the car everything worked popups windows ac heater vents cig lighter etc. I really liked that. Then comes the question how much you want for it he's says $1200. I was like dang buddy hold on there engine needs to be rebuilt I was looking more like $800. He's like but it has all these new parts on it njv head timing chains and all new gaskets. I told the engine will still have to be striped and cleaned out turbo lines and everything. He still didn't want to go less the 1 grand. So I said whatever that's fine I'll take it. The body lines were great and everything open and close so well I wasn't going home without it. So I loaded it up and now it's in the drive way of my house. I'll post some pics later today
  2. I like them for a lot of reasons. First off the widebody caught my eye loved it the moment I first laid eyes on one back in 2011 and was like what kind of car was that lol. Got one the same year. There not expensive,reliable,very easy to fix and maintain. Nobody has them and wonders what it is and names all the other cars but what it really is. And with some mods they put down some power
  3. Yea I know that was a good run. But my question is why is my power falling off after 4500rpm is that how it suppose to be or can I fixed something here? My last setup felt faster. Only difference was the maf was a blow threw instead of before the turbo like it is now. Also I had a custom made log manifold with a t3 flange and external wastegate dumping to the floor. My butt dyno said it was faster and pulled to 5500rpm but no dyno to know for sure. I just know I shifted my old set after 5500rpm and with this set up I shift before 5500rpm.
  4. I just bought that white starion with red interior on halloween. The car was in great shape besides the rod knock. But for people like us that's a piece of cake lol And yes he let it for a good price 😄
  5. http://s924.photobucket.com/user/austinmonje/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-04-15-50-17_zpsyxgx6gxe.png.html?o=0 Here you go guys
  6. http://s924.photobucket.com/user/austinmonje/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-04-15-51-14_zpsosjujcwv.png.html?o=1
  7. So I just drove the car and it doesn't match the graph right my boost does hit 15psi at around 3200 not 3800 like the graph shows. Also the graph show my afr at 13 at 4k rpm during the boost spike at 18psi. That's not right. My wideband hits 10.8-11.3 immediately once I start making boost. So which gauges are correct? Thanks for all the replays
  8. http://s924.photobucket.com/user/austinmonje/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-04-15-51-14_zpsosjujcwv.png.html?filters[user]=138300296&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=1 Second part http://s924.photobucket.com/user/austinmonje/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-04-15-50-17_zpsyxgx6gxe.png.html?filters[user]=138300296&filters[recent]=1&sort=1&o=0
  9. It does spool a Lil slow in my option on the street I hit 15psi at around 3200rpm but the car won't start to pull hard till after 3500. Then the boost will spike to like 18psi or so at 4k rpm and drop back down to 15psi at 5k rpms. I'll be home in a couple hrs so I'll post the pic of the boost pressure,rpm,hp,torque, afr all that good stuff.
  10. I've had it on 20psi plenty of times just didn't run it on the dyno cause of what the guy told me about the plug gap. Car moves on 20psi but has the same problem when I hit 5k rpm that's it no more power. It's that how these turbos are out of stream at that rpm or is it a spark gap problem?
  11. Yea it pulls good. My question is should I gap the plugs down like the tuner said?He said my car should be putting down 280 290hp with 15psi not 260. I was thinking that's a lot of power I was lucky with 260 at 15psi. Most people I see here has more mods then me and only 260hp with 20psi with the 16g 17c turbo. Did I just get lucky? Thanks for all the replys.
  12. Yes there is a diode in the ecu to block the map sensor but it was leaning out my afr after 13 14psi when I had a 16g on it at the time. So I unplugged the map and it fixed my problem. That was a couple years ago.
  13. No cats 3in all the way back to an ebay muffler lol
  14. I forgot to post the mods I have. Dad njv head with ss valves and HD springs Not a port job but polished it myself. Stock manifold ported myself all 4 holes and the exist hole to the turbo is huge also with a t3 adapter. I have a 17c syclone turbo that is also ported out. 3in downpipe and 3in exhaust all the way back Mod Stock intercooler 2.25in hole in and out and 2.25 ic pipes Gm maf translater. Stock 86 ecu 10btdc
  15. So I finally dynoed my car today just wanted to post them up here and check some things out. I made 206hp 203torq at 7psi spiked to 9psi and it made power all the way to 6k. I ran 15psi spike to 18psi I made 262hp 317torq but the car stopped making power at 4500rpm it just flat lined and lost power after 5500. The guy said that my plugs are gapped to big. There at 35 he said put them at 25. I'm running br7es plugs. I'll post a link to the graph. Here's the 7psi http://s924.photobucket.com/user/austinmonje/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-03-20-04-36_zps567lgdul.png.html?sort=3&o=1 Here's 15psi http://s924.photobucket.com/user/austinmonje/media/Mobile%20Uploads/Screenshot_2015-11-03-20-04-41_zpszq9f7ot3.png.html?sort=3&o=0
  16. Yes I did hard wire it. The link above is one of the links I found to give me a clue to hook it up. But everything is not there. You still have to figure out witch wire on the maf translater itself goes to the stock 4 wire maf. Took me about 2 days to figure it out once I figured out witch one is signal power ground blah blah. I'll make it easy for you here you go 86 maf. Maf translator Red. Pink Black. Black White/blk. Green Grn/red. Brown Your going to run into another problem tho because the Map sensor is still giving a reading to the ecu. It will still cut at 12 13psi. What I did next was installed a 4.3v ziner diode in the ecu to block the signal from the map. I learned how to do that from seaching the forms.Then the fuel cut was gone. Another problem came up when I hit 14psi my afr would lean out. My guess was since I was blocking the map signal to the ecu it wasn't seeing passed 12psi and wouldn't add fuel. I unplugged the map sensor and it fixed that problem. Now I can boost as much as I want. Had it up to 22 psi on a 16g and my current set up now is a 17c on 15psi. I've had it up to 20 psi before and all ran good.
  17. I'm running just the maf translater and I don't have any boost cut on my 86. I'm sure you can run it with an afc with the same results pretty sure reading on here of people doing it already
  18. I know a few things that are different from 86-89. I studied them real well the last 4 years but I don't know as much as some members here. i don't know anything from the 82-85 models tho.
  19. ok so I pulled out the wiring diagrams and figured out a few problems so far. I got the mirrors working and the lights go on and off like their suppose to. I don't really know what I did I just losing all the grounds and retighten them. Also unplugged all the relays/links and plugged them back in and that fixed that. Im working on the car not starting. I check the ignition switch and its working perfect got power to and out to the ecu. But the blk-yellow that goes to the starter doesn't get power. So im losing power from the ecu to the starter. I added a jumper wire from the ecu to the starter and the it will turn over with the key but no fuel pump coming on. I jump the pump and car fires right up, but my rpm gauge doesn't work. Where does the rpm signal come from? The igniter coil or dizzy? The diagram I have shows the crank signal coming out of the ecu to the control relay. It goes to ground there and fuse 13(Turn Clignot) whatever that is lol. Maybe my fuel pump relay is bad. Any info on this would be great. I haven't looked into the climate control yet. Maybe I forgot to plug it in lol ill pull the radio and look up there. Im not running the 87 ETACS I put the one from 86 in there. But ill look into that. Also im gas gauge doesn't work I put 8 gallons in and the gauge show empty. Maybe that is part of the problem idk yet Thanks for the advise guys it really helps out...
  20. All of the grounds and wires are very clean. Thats one thing i did when i put the car back together. Even all new links and all the plugs look new. Electronic grease was put on the conectors. I will check all grounds again and figure this thing out. I have the tools and brain to figure this out. Thanks guys hopefully i can have this baby ready for mod.
  21. Ok basically what i did was i strip down an 87 that was my parts car and converted it over to an 86 that was crashed. And when i strip down i mean everything except doors,windows, and rear bumper. Everything else came off and i mean everything. The car now has everything 86 on it now. Ecu, all the engine,dash, and tail light harnesses. Even the gas tank and lights all 86 lol. The car is a Manuel trans. So far i checked the grounds at the the fuse link box, battery main, intake manifold, ecu,transmission. And my power prob shows green for ground on all of these. Is their any other grounds i havent named that i need to check. Thanks for all of yours guys help
  22. Ok so im having a few problems with my car i just did a shell swap on. The problem is my headlights are on all the time once i connect the battery. The power mirrors dont work. No front wipers. Climate control doesnt come on. And finally the motor doesnt turn over with the key. I only get 2 clicks from the left and right kick panels. Everything else works perfect. Windows go up and down. Horn,interior lights,power door locks,cigarette lighter,brake lights,turn signals,hazards, wiper squirters, all the stuff works and functions how it should. The motor will turn over if i power the stater. Just what i listed above. Maybe something isnt grounded properly or plug something in right. Thanks for any tips.
  23. Ok i have it. Pm me if you still want it. And we can go from there.
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