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  1. Tony has it, picking it up on Sunday. SOLD!
  2. SOLD! I haven't touched my car in years and it's just sitting so it's time to let someone else have at these parts. 1987 white Starion, non running but tons of motor parts that are sought after. MPI intake manifold Turbonetics T3 exhaust manifold MegaSquirt ECU by Scott87Star 4" aluminum intercooler 52MM throttle body Holset HX35 Turbo with a BEP .63 A/R hotside Turbosmart 38mm wastegate Tim C's Howling Banshee cam Caravan head with a 3 angle valve job and caravan valves and roller rockers 85lb (900cc) injectors Wilwood brake calipers Anyone willing to bring a trailer and tow it away can have it all for $1,000 Located in San Diego, CA
  3. that panel pulls off, I've taken it off and on about a million times now
  4. That's literally what I did. I have a 2ga wire going direct from the battery, through the cutoff switch, and to a terminal on the front right fender where everything else connects. The only reason the alternator is coming directly to the cutoff switch is because that is mandatory or else a cutoff wouldn't work, the engine would just continue running off the alternator. The way I have it uses the least number of wires going back as possible...
  5. You'd probably definitely want some experience with changes before doing one, and have a tube bender which would be $1000 for a decent one with the dies
  6. It's 1 3/4" DOM The cage is just for street use, not built to any particular race specifications
  7. Nothing on the brakes yet, been focusing on my interior still
  8. Probably because it costs more, more complicated, more items to break... all for (objectively) no benefit over a single turbo. Plus are these going to be sequential or parallel? Good luck trying to build a sequential setup, and if it's parallel you'll never make as much power as a single turbo
  9. Someone is selling an MPI setup with a Magna in the for sale section right now
  10. With that said, I am installing a fender-exit exhaust exactly like you described pretty soon on my Starion But it hardly gets driven, maybe a couple times a month
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