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  1. i have one good driver side. passenger side is seperating
  2. I didn't read all of the ad so if i state something that may have been done to the car forgive me. My 2 cents is that car has to be a repaint, those seats and faded red plastic on the front buckles tells me it sat in the sun for a good while, i'm wondering if it was repainted. The 87 flatty i picked up with about the same mileage has a way nicer interior than this one, but it has been garage kept its whole life.
  3. Best way? Better clutch and lighter flywheel. I. Have a 14b on my car and with a 2.6 60ft I still managed a 14.5 at 94mph. Have gotten it lower but my slipping stock clutch is what is killing me the most.
  4. We left this morning at 4am. Currently sitting at an applebees in Florence. Was a great drive. Roads were a blast and saw a lot of cool scenary. Well be down in gulf shores tomorrow for the week
  5. would possibly be interested in what doesn't sell, will pick up
  6. For what i've read, seen in videos, people i've talked with, and my own impressions on it, there is no reason not to upgrade.
  7. buy a reman off ebay for $90. mid 90s elantra or tiburon will work. Word of advise. you WILL need to modify your pulley if you use a hyaundai alt. and if you aren't running a d50 alt bracket you'll need a longer belt
  8. We'll be going through mobile, we'll probably go up there and see a few things one day. I was also told to check out Bestin,FL. Pensacola is right there, may see me driving around =-o We'll be leaving through Pensacola and heading north
  9. That Honda only has 79k miles. That thing still has three more lives to live through. I'd buy that way before that elantra. UNLESS all you want is a winter beater. then i'd make sure that it is mechanically sound and buy it.
  10. More after the side of the road/ small town odd ball stuff versus the main line tourist stuff. While we'll still be doing a good amount of that we want to see the "off the main highways" areas
  11. Looking for suggestions. Going to be doing a roadtrip to Alabama. Trying to get ideas of cool stuff to do or see along the way. If you have any suggestions it's appreciated. I put a map showing roughly our route, we'll be avoiding interstates. Anyone that wants to meet up down there or on the way let me know! Would be awesome, or if anyone is sort of on the route and wouldn't mind pming me your contact info incase i run into issues, that would be even more appreciated! http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k181/Speedy2222/AL15Trip/al%20trip_zpsfr0ubirl.jpg
  12. 20-30mph and smokey, Strut is bent and is rubbing tire. I only live 3 miles away so it wasn't a big deal. http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k181/Speedy2222/87%20Technica/IMAG0532_zpspdpjaycc.jpg
  13. Picked up an 87 Technica for a song http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k181/Speedy2222/87%20Technica/IMAG0532_zpspdpjaycc.jpg http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k181/Speedy2222/87%20Technica/IMAG0533_zps6kfzb7cb.jpg And got my $70 magnas http://i88.photobucket.com/albums/k181/Speedy2222/Starquest/IMAG0531_zpsfnghrvbj.jpg
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