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  1. I could probably put one together for you, but I'm in Chicago
  2. This is literally a half mile from my office. I can go check it out for any interested parties. It does seem like a good deal.
  3. I'd just as soon broker my own freight for something like that, or drive down there and pick one out and put it in the wagon. Work has been super crazy lately so I haven't had much time to go through and list parts for sale yet. Highlights include: Brand new built NJV head from DAD, never removed from the box. Will sell as complete package with a Brand new head gasket (the good one) and the valve cover. Complete intake setup with 86 injectors, + boostinmini Mazda TPS kit, I will include a brand new intake manifold gasket and TB rebuild kit with this. Exhaust Manifold + Turbo + 2.5" Downpipe Combination. Will include brand new exhaust manifold gaskets, turbo gaskets, and turbo rebuild kit. No cracks, turbo is serviceable, but could stand a rebuild. 3" Downpipe Complete brand new timing kit + balance shaft kit Complete brand new gasket set. Crank, polished, 030 rods 010 mains. I think if you buy this I'll throw in the rest of the shortblock components for free. Transmission 86 MAF + hard intake pipe
  4. I'm not trying to be disagreeable or hate on the work you have done, from what I have seen the fabrication is of high quality, and I certainly don't want to detract from your ambitions on this project. I want this to be as awesome and reliable (and safe) as possible. Looking forward to the next update.
  5. The forces present are not only outside the logo. This is not the same as an a-arm where the space in between the legs is "free". You'll be fixing the right angle to the frame rail, so any loads will have to go "around" the logo cut-out, you're well boxed out to prevent twisting motion, but the stress concentrations induced around those areas are going to wear your parts out faster. A circle cutout would have been a much better choice, not all negative space is created equal. I get that it's 3/16" steel, but when (this is not a matter of if) you wind up fatigue cracking those inside corners from the cutouts and destroying your suspension, that will be a pretty awful fix to have to make.
  6. Why you would cut that logo out in the middle of structural steel is beyond me... you've seriously reduced the strength of those parts and created stress concentrations. Before you weld them onto the car, get another batch run without the logo.
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201446282590?rmvSB=true Holy crap. I'm saving the photos as a visual reference point for what an un-screwed with car looks like.
  8. You should look at Bring A Trailer auctions.
  9. Wow, intercooled flatty. Very rare. If the body's not rusted out it could be worth a save... but that seems unlikely.
  10. If you have an engine hoist you could try grabbing the head with the hoist with the rest of the block bolted to the stand and attached to the floor, that way you're pulling straight up.
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