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  1. I have a set of 9s for sale, interested? 443-977-0878
  2. http://web.archive.org/web/20050207041922im_/http://www.ieasysite.com/starquestrims/f8inch.jpg
  3. call me if you do not sell these, 443-977--0878
  4. that is a deal a great deal. it is even worth the trouble to take it off your car and send it in. if you sent it to me in 1 or 2 days I most likely will have it done and shipped the next day back to you. that means you are only out the car for about 2-4 days.
  5. hi, usually I charge 75-100 per cover but for xmas I will do it for 35.00,,,,,,thats unreal!!!! plus I will ship if back within 3 days (working days sat/sun/xmas not included) from the time I receive it or its on me! you just pay for the S+H to get it to me I pay to get it back to you. my address is StarQuestRims ATTN Mark Ventmiller 14218 Sawmill Ct. Phoenix MD 21131 make check out to Mark Ventmiller
  6. hi, years ago i talked to several companies ho widened. i was trying to make 10 inch rims and 17 in rims. the cost was staggering even when i tried a group purchase. mark v
  7. no i do not clear coat. you can power coat with a clear color. yes i bet the winters are hard on rims there
  8. here are pics of my work. http://web.archive.o...rquestrims.com/ my phone number is now 443-977-0878
  9. just like it says I have had this trany forever anybody wants it first come first serve. I am in Baltimore MD 443-977-0878
  10. yes this does include rash repair and any minor out of round repair. I am also doing turbos, valve covers ands anything else you can think of beside other wheels.
  11. I am getting back into the polishing of rims so here is an intro. ==================================================== i forgot to state 50.00 is only for the first week, which has now ended. every one i talked to the 50 price is good. mark v
  12. hi, do not forget one major thing. the number of lug nut turns ( full rotation) you have left on the stud after the spaces are on. you do not want to put the spacers on and on and only be able to turn the lugs (for example to make a point) a few times. the rule of thumb is you need to get 8 full tuns of the lug nut to be considerd safe any less and you are taking a chance. mark v
  13. hi, it has been a while since i was on last. located in baltimore maryland near hunt valley my friend wants to sell his quest ** pics on request ** THE GOOD.. 86k miles auto good to very good interior 8s and 9s 83 hood THE BAD.. the car needs to be repainted it is peeling asking 4k my cell is 443-977-0878 my e-mail is ventmillerm@hotmail.com
  14. hi, i offered chris to repolish those rims to make them look better than new, for a cheap price.. that way the chris from alabama will love them. mark v 443-977-0878
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