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  1. Yes I do have spark . I will check that stuff u said Kenny
  2. So I'm not getting ground to the injectors . N i manual put ground n they spray .
  3. Good work and distributor. Clutch slave clyinder line .Reverse sensor . I need for a 87 starion
  4. I was wonder u have cell number cause it's usally easter and faster to talk to people . But can u send me pics of the set up of the wiring to your coil .N the mechanic Think it's my distributor pickup is bad
  5. I have power to the coil but that's it . Restoring the car I want to kno if I'm missing any thing connected coil or some thing
  6. I need a passanger side brake bracket and the slider bolts
  7. I need the soft slave cylinder line with banjo bolt n I need the adaptor for the pcv hose connects to the intake
  8. I need that soft line . I have the metal one there.i just need the small one with the banjo bolt
  9. There is a line that comes down the fire wall there this little holder thing . And I'm guessing the lines connects there to the slave .. and it's only like 5 inch but it has a male side so I would need half male half female .. (Bruce / Caitlin) lol
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