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  1. Good job man. At least the rearend held up lol
  2. Looking sharp Britt. Like I said. I have 8 possible rims I need done when your up and running.
  3. oh yea,,,,,, i forgot about that!!!! lol you still have my tin snips lol... idk next time i will be up that way but we can talk lol.. shoot me a text.
  4. Good thing I got 2 sets. These things kick butt!!! Fantastic product Nate. Sealed my tail lights tight as a drum.
  5. What? Lol I didn't Say nuttn lol. What's up Brian?
  6. Yep^^^^ what Kevin said. I have changed jobs 2x in 9 months and finally got my dream job. It will happen man. But remember. God helps them. Who helps themselves. So keep yourself in the eyes of the people who hire and don't stop. Took me 7yrs of hounding my employer now to get in. And as far powder coating. I think I have some rims off the wife's H3 that look like poo. Cheap flash chrome. And have been debating about my 17"s off the quest too. Let us know when your up and running. Yes there is a coater close to me. But have to keep it in the family right.
  7. Nice score Colin. I would absolutely love that center console for my grey interior swap that I'm slowly doing. How was the headliner and "A" pillars?
  8. I had very similar issues with flickering lights and basically the same symptoms as you... GM alt fixed it right up. This is what i got. http://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/proform-100-new-chrome-alternator-gm-1973-86-internal-regulator-66445n/22740125-P?searchTerm=chrome+alternator one wire,,,, easy
  9. That's right,,, just let it take over.........
  10. Just remembered too it's an aftermarket rear bumper. And it's stout.
  11. Just head over to sqperformance. Same group of guys mostly. It is sad. I keep refreshing the page hoping it will load. But no luck.
  12. This^^^^^ how can they keep trying to be ahead of the technology? how can burning more fuel and having worst mileage be better? your using more fuel, they have to make more,,,, and haul it down the road in a truck that burns fuel. i have an 2000 VW Golf tdi that gets 47 mpg.... what is so wrong with that? it has EGR delete and none of that bull stinky they put on the new ones. am i going to burn in hell? no.......do i get better mileage then the new ones....yes sir. will i have to replace a 2k exhaust? nope
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