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  1. Does it have the ancillary AC condenser behind driver side air dam? If it's in good shape, I need all the lines too.
  2. Needing the AC condensor, behind the ds airdam...prefer all the lines to it, if possible. Lines have kinks. ...Preciate any leads
  3. Chad is making them. Treadstone is out. There was a guy named Ronnie petersen, saw recently was building them, think I found him on a google search. Good luck as I'm in the hunt too....I'm pulling back from a full blown header tho...
  5. How much rust? Can you send me pics? I can move it, but I need know if its worth it. Send pics to topcatter.2012@gmail.com or text 253 405 8136.
  6. Old news, worthy even today......Installing a bse kit and new oil pump. Two oil pump gaskets and an fsm description for installing the incorrect one, I for one, am thankful for the tip. Only because I had heard reference to this difference in other conversation on bse, did I have suspicion, that led to here and a saving of the day thinking open center is what bse called for...thanks guys...wouldn't have done it without you !
  7. Ruh roh.......red flag there with the ebay head. I found those cheaper njv heads are for nonturbo's. I called the manufacturer and verified, they do not have the stellite coated exhaust valves...so....here could be a problem....just sayin
  8. Generic hub...works good....cheap wheel is no bueno pashit....get what ya pay for and I got brand new junk. Prefer black, wood maybe ok, tho somewhat smaller is good.
  9. Very nice ... I just love it. Mods are always good and those wheels make that thing a beauty...I put its value at 10-12k....Your reeaally not going to like getting loose of this later, as so many of us are on that slow boat to get there now...
  10. I'd be interested in the ovcp....send a pic 253 405 8136
  11. T4 flange.....It will need adapted to the stock manifold....Screeming deal at 400 for this....you will also have to adapt the downpipe FYI....
  12. Nice to know your services are available to our community, Michael....do appreciate your dedication. While KT is bit more critical than some of us, he is correct, in that, business acumen is necessary for success. Many people see parallels in presentation, as equal to ability....however, I'm not one of them and believe time will remedy those details....best of luck.
  13. SCORE !!.................That's a great start to making an exceptional car. A Happy Camper there.......fun, fast and clean..
  14. I'm interested.....pm me with a pic and paypal info...K?
  15. I'll take it or anything similar....cash/paypal
  16. What head is on it? Did you have it since it was new? Anything else worthy of mention....cam, springs? Just interested in the long block.....no turbo, clutch or pressure plate. What year is the block? What is the history...who did the work? Price is right...I could come get it....
  17. These are very nice seats...as I put a pair in my 88. I suspect the headrests are adjustable, tho mine seem stuck in the retracted position...just a bit of a plug for the seller.....good luck....merry Christmas all..
  18. Well said dz.....I agree wholly. Our community especially need to keep from cheap selling our cars...I'm not in my car for its value...but its not an unwanted benefit of ownership......I say if its not selling...jack the price....then they can try to get it for more....go ahead..sell that shiz cheap....I'll be there to snag it up....just don't even think you'll get it that way......you won't ever hope to get mine for what I PD....these cars are golden....its only because we have similar coming out new...that people automatically discount ours.....but....few will ever match our style...
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