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  1. People I'm totally sorry I did not respond on this page I wrote I thought you guys would send me message directly if I didn't respond so I'm going down the line one by one my name is mike my phone is 3057987741
  2. You could also reach us at DooBoyquests@gmail.com or gajajuice@gmail.com
  3. My phone is 3057987741 and my name is Michael thank you for choosing DooBoys. To give you an idea of who we are and what we do... We are two friends who have a passion for these cars of all years but out preference is the 88 89 models saves time and money on the necessary upgrades to achive our goal and it saves the customer money in the little stuff. When you contact us we can show you pics video and real time of work we do have done and the benefits of using us for your car. We have no overhead accept electricity and supplies.. We own our shop free and clear which allows us to build in a peaceful almost stress free environment. We can find you a car a that's structurally there complete with little to no rust if that's what you want. We find running cars for 1k or less some we pay up to but no more than 1500 that way we can build your car for an affordable price! YES I'm ASE certified if you were wondering.
  4. DooBoy is currently restoring a1988 conquest automatic white sunroof and it's a running car that the owner sold to us to give an opportunity for the car to be restored to as close to Oem as possible! Our builds concentrate on realibility and power so yes we only deal with DADs products and other of our suppliers even though they don't know it like MotoCam and Scott 88 are some of our gurus that allow us to have the answere to all of our problems. Car will be fully stripped and washed cleaned and primed for internal external paint, engine fully redone with a bore of 30 or 40 over , ARP hardware and ADJUSA . We use KING bearings and use a balance shaft elimination kit , balanced block with stock OEM turbo pistons, all rubber hoses replaced and transmission fully done with Kevlar packs. The diff is completely over hauled as well as torque tube. All suspension bushings and shocks and struts resolved with either the mr2 conversion rear strut mod and or GR2s, car comes with complete new rotors and pads plus we rebuild our calipers and paint them for a nice look! We are not a super shop just to best friends that make a living locally providing for our friends and family nice daily reliable cars as long as they are quests. We want to build this car for someone in the star quest community to get our product out of the state of Florida. We also are willing to build cars to your like and exact preference with what ever application daily / daily-track it's up to your pocket! All cars can be built for under 10k with full MPI setups with megasquirt and can be driven anywhere any time as long as you have gas. If your cars are not reliable your doing something wrong! Stop Drop and Roll Down to DooBoys that's what we doo!
  5. If it's the nipples you get off the volvos or passat I think? It's how you tee off the booster right? Junk yard there free put in pocket
  6. I have been waiting for this guy but nobody gets back
  7. Also my fuel maps were from you Scott I think you had a link just with a map for starting the car and getting it to drive like to a dyno and most of everything else is not being used so it's got that and drove my car for yrs like thy with no problems in till is stab it and the car goes over 5000 I start to run lean
  8. Thanks guys I appreciate the help gonna take to dyno and find out what's my engine doing? Scott is it worth it for my set up to use the mk1 trigger wheel set up I have and LS1 coils after the car is tuned??? How do I connect my megasquirt2 directly to the trigger cause I really wanna do it but I'm stuck on the build with that??
  9. Wow sorry people just realized how many brothers need help ok I'm working with you guy one on one so I will I send you guys personal messages for your in parts.
  10. I need one or two half shafts 6 bolt 88 89 if anybody's selling some?
  11. Pics of what am gone going to a junk yard looking for this car and all the is are Starions pooled in sections of parts like condensers clusters doors hoods all components work and are salvaged because they do but it's a used part no warranty or anything like that just ask what you need I'll send you a pic to your phone big guy it's that simple. Here just in case you don't understand.... Joe Shmoe says hi mike I need a drive shaft for my conquest 5spd do you have one? Here's my phone?? Ok joe sure here are pics of what I got.. Taddaaaa! You get what you want if I have it also we barter our parts too so if you have blocks 88 89 complete wire harnesses and tranns auto or manual we buy or trade for those. 6 bolt half shafts are always on our list for things to buy or trade so look out for us down here and we will do the same for our brothers and sisters out there Questing it up!
  12. Yo questies miami has many expensive for cheap parts in fair to great condition! Let me know whatcha need and here's an idea of what we have around 3 complete cars broken down in parts and several duplicate items. We are willing to help anyone in this game who needs it and we also buy up parts so hit me up with that info and well work something out.
  13. Car was sod two months ago just got off the phone
  14. I know for sure the diamanté calipers work very well for the front and you can keep your master. They are on my buddies 91 talon so look into twin piston Cali's instead all you 4 piston wannabes two is all you need once you've converted to just on the front it brakes so hard and controlled but be careful I eliminated my ebrake and abs crap that car comes with so your high speed braking is dangerous will lock up easier with upgrade and I'm assuming that no matter how much $ you guys have to throw at any car over braking power is not good a stong controlled braking is what you want. Our cars will never need 4/2 piston Cali front and rear because we will never be in a 200mph lemans race! Don't over do things because they look nice or sound good. By the way the flat cars are ok but wide body! 18! Stagard 8/9 or 7/9 or 7/8 but aftermarket wheels will never ever look good on a quest youight think so but the factory style has no comparison you might as well put a 1j and some spinners and call it a Starion pshhh! It's no different than walking into a room as a man dressed like a women it doesn't look right and you have transmission problems from the bigger wheels with the I'm so better than you kool car stay with it I will never touch a quest unless it's heart is a quest it's feet are quest period if not it's an abomination not a quest! I don't care what any of you say about your experiences I've read all trades on this site and it seems that you guys would rather spend thousands on cool colors and engines and so on I have an 88 on stock tc05 magna intake megasquirt and wiesco pistons no d2 crap no 19wheels that go roun and round no super dooper cool guy exhaust pipe an my car from 0 to 100 will beat any 100k stock super car from factory like gallardo, Maserati and just recently a 396 supercharged 600hp challenger driven by the bird man of miami heat who actullay notice my 5k quest and it's incredible stance screaming by as my car deserves it. Bet you can't do that on 300zx Cali's or some 18s for sure! Big wheels and loud speakers are for hoodlums not Starions. You might as well put spinners on a Sapporo and drive around with the music high and arm out the window because that's what your car looks like when you put any feet either than quest ones.
  15. It's called one track mind. If he even fathomed what you just offered he wouldn't question it he would reasrech and find the Infos value. From an idea to fab to assembly and detailed photoed and narrated perfectly buddy way to go! I'm defeinatley bringing this up at my next meet thanx.
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