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  1. I have one, but it will take a few days to dig out. I think it's in pretty good shape. I'll chime in once I get it out.
  2. Good info and cool find. FYI, I used a bicycle inner tube as gasket material and cut my own a few years ago. Has held up fine. When working on the hinges, either disconnect the support struts or only do one side at a time. Or have another person there with you to keep the hatch in the right place as the struts will shove it rearward even if latched closed.
  3. Oh, I forgot about Talledega super speed way and Alabama motor sports museum. There used to be a conquest in there, as well as a lot of historical race cars. Also, Barber motorsports park and motor cycle museum near Birmingham.
  4. Interesting route you have planned there. Not my cup of tea, but you will defiantly see some interesting sites. Suggestions of things to see that are somewhat along your route. Muscle Shoals/ Florence area: fame recording studio- famous for 60s/70s classic rock, county music ect. Also AL music hall of fame in the area. Desoto Falls. Somewhere along your route between Florence and Tuscaloosa. Tuscaloosa: univ of Alabama , there s a football team there, but I don't know much about them (War Eagle). Check the football schedule as hotels get very pricey and scarce. Also, Mercedes Benz plant in nearby Vance AL. Mobile. Beautiful old homes and tree covered streets downtown. Some good restaurants and plenty of bars. Bayou La Batre. Fictional home of Bubba Gump shrimping Other beach stuff around mobile and shopping in Daphne. There is not much along your route from Pensacola to Montgomery but line trees and red dirt. Just south of Montgomery there is a Hyundai plant. Other stuff along your route to look up: Mt Cheaha, Cathedral Caverns, Little River Canyon, Walls of Jericho, Russell Cave, When is your trip? I live in Huntsville.
  5. http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll231/nomad1856/IMG_1327.jpg http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll231/nomad1856/IMG_1329.jpg http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll231/nomad1856/IMG_1331.jpg http://i289.photobucket.com/albums/ll231/nomad1856/IMG_1337.jpg Early camber plates and stock springs had me riding high.
  6. In the early/ mid 90s there was a candy purple widebody around my town. It was bright and metallic like Fiji. If I found it again, I would have to have it.
  7. Auto meter in my car. I chose ultra light II, for oil press and water temp. Ultra lite for boost. Wish I had gotten the II for boost as well as the lighting is better. Go with an electrical oil pressure gauge for sure. I don't like the idea of a thin plastic tube of pressurized hot oil running through the fire wall and into the cabin of the car.
  8. In 1999 I installed an autopage unit in my 1993 mustang. I think it came from JC Whitney. Ordered actuators for the door locks but didn't do power windows ( car was a base model). I installed myself in my apartment parking lot in a couple hours, wasn't too hard, just followed directions that came with the stuff. This was before youtube tutorials. In 2008 I was better off financially and took my newly acquired Conquest to the local sound shop and paid them about $300 to do the same thing.
  9. Thanks for the well wishes. Had a pretty good day, other than being on the road and 630 miles from home.
  10. The basics.... Random guy rear ends evo driver. They pull over. Guy starts shooting at evo driver, who then returns fire. Aggressor gets hit and flees. They did not know each other at all. http://www.theleafchronicle.com/story/news/crime/2015/04/21/gunfire-follows-crash-hwy/26114471/ Be careful out there kids!
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