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Wiper repair


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I know several people have had issues with their wipers in the past. Weather it be the nut on the stud coming loose and causing the wiper post to "walk" in the cowl of the car.. (which mine did) or just the wipers being slow even on high. There was a write up for fixing the motor and regreasing it. I had to buy some new linkages and post from SOTTY to fix mine, and i could figure out why when i tightened the nuts on them, the wipers would slow down. After some looking i figured it out.


There used to be grease in there but has since dried up after a good 26 years. I am willing to bet almost none of you have ever greased these..


So here it goes.


Remove the wiper linkages and wiper posts from your car. Remember how the linkages go together before you snap them apart (take a picture)


Edit from 19cturbo...added to this post by the moderators: i used a 24MM socket on the big nut, it was slightly big but worked fine.. in case anyone was wondering.


This is the drivers side post attached to the linkage, they linkage just pops off with a little pressure.





Once you remove it from the linkage, remove the little C clip from the top of it, and you may have to use a hammer to tap the two pieces apart, but they do come apart. I actually had to use a small torch and heat mine a bit before they would come apart. it should look like this





inside of that piece, there are two inserts. they need to be cleaned of the old grease, i used emory cloth wrapped around a small punch to do the trick, the inserts will come out if you want, a little bit of heat and a small tap with a punch and hammer but be careful.




Dont loose the wave washer that sits on the post, it is important.




Clean the grease off the inside of the inserts and off of the wiper post itself, it looks like glue its been on there so long.





I used a screw drive to scrape some of it away the moved on to a scotch brite pad, then to emory cloth to clean it up better.









once everything is clean and will slide back together easily. Its time to grease them up and assemble them.


There is a little wave washer that goes on first, put a little bit of grease on each side of it. Apply some grease to the post and to the outer piece as well once you have the inserts cleaned and reinstalled.




I used plenty of grease to be sure it was coated well, you can wipe the excess away after your finished. slide the two pieces up and down a few times and reapply grease, to make sure everything is coated.




put the top washer back into place




insert the C clip, yes its a little bent out of shape at this point but thats ok just get it on there




take a pair of needle nose pliers and pinch the C clip back together.




Wipe away the extra grease and you are ready to reinstall them..

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fast cars dont need no stinkin' windshield wiperZ yO








excellent post ma brutha frum anotha motha ;)


...amazing what can get done while waitiing on other ninjas to do THEIR work A ?


aint that the truth..



can we get this moved to the HOW TO section?

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you have fat fingers mikie lol. what type of grease did you use? snythetic?


i aint got fat fingers kid! dont get me twisted...


i just used coastal chasis grease. thats what i had available to me at the moment..

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Excellent post. It is amazing how nice and smooth the wipers work after you regrease them! Like a brand new car again.



Thanks for creating this thread! This is a must do maintenance for all conquests. If you leave these go, the wiper post will seize and that entire aluminum mount will start to rotate in your cowl and eventually destroy your cowl (ask me how I know? lol).



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Note: Added the socket size to the original post per the OP's request. Only bad thing about the FAQ forum; nobody can respond/edit.



Also, thought I would add a pic of the seized wiper post removed from one of my former cars. The threaded portion of the mount snapped when trying to remove the nut. This is what I found once removed. The entire post assembly was seized and was spinning in the cowl. It wore the aluminum down as shown and caused a fair amount of wear on the steel cowl that required repair. This was one of those things where I knew there was an issue but I kept putting it off. When I finally got to it, a 30 minute job turned into the car being down for a few weeks until I found a replacement part/repaired the cowl/reassembled.




If you have never greased these posts on your car, I'd strongly recommend that you consider it soon.




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