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  1. LMAO I Just remembered I also linked several people on my facebook page to motocam stuff (mostly the airdam brackets)
  2. Need the Stedebani to connect up right. The trust / greddy one is a close possibility but those other two require you use a different plate or serious work to the bar. Especially the cusco However i think the gen 2 SM bars are close with their clevis pin design
  3. its the part outside of the door that touches the glass.
  4. Well to be fair all I did was to make the comment about his service. Honestly I have heard the same thing from many other people, so it is not like I am starting anything new. I am just ballzy enough to say it public here in the thread instead of going to other clubs and talking smack like I have seen from others. Moto chose to come back and try to make it about our other deal , where he could have simply addressed the real service issue. If he wants to be like that about it , then I will come back at him , or I will just stop checking the thread. I have no reason to p.m. him, as he has already made it clear he has no desire to make our deal right. Hence my comment about his poor service.
  5. Why does this need to be taken to p.m.'s ? Really a valid question more aimed at motocam but also at bc_99. If there is a fix for the issue post up a little how to with pics for all your buyers mang!! @ motocam, dude I said your stuff was nice and made a simple point about your customer service sucking tail. Sorry but it's true. This thread proves it.... 1) You come off all defensive 2) It's some how the buyers fault never yours 3) You tell people to pm you instead of just sharing the info Just because a ton of people bought your stuff on ebay , they may have not installed it yet. Very common in this group. I just feel like you should focus on a solution instead of blaming your customers. No Offense.
  6. My advice about your poor service was true. I purchased two items from you that where advertised as mint condition and arrived in far less condition than mint. When I tried to contact you ignored me . You said those pictures of "mint" parts where "stock photos" LOL Rip You OFF ?? LMAO After finally getting a decent ( yet sill not mint in any way) gauge hood I updated the feedback thread and dropped the issue. For one thing your a liar about any agreement to send back the gauge hood. But I would be happy to if i actually ever received a "mint" See...you are the problem...you promised a mint part and sent a poor condition one...then after messing me around for weeks I finally get another part that was still not mint. Yet you say you should receive one back? HAHA Lets not even talk about the "crack free" radio surround" that arrived with a totally obvious crack and a pile of glue on the back. My comment is not inflammatory. It is a fact based response about how you are about service. I know I am not the only one to have this experience. Try to act like I am adding flames to the fire yet you bring up this. After lying about our deal to boot.
  7. This is why I don't buy motocam stuff anymore. Really nice stuff do not get me wrong. Very poor service though. Better updates and better response to customers would serve your business well.
  8. I have one in not new condition . Can get pics
  9. Mustard on em is good to me. Jeff, If you don't like gravy maybe put soup on them?
  10. ooh yeah . I finally put music on my phone so I can bluetooth it to my stereo
  11. What good is having a high dollar stereo system? I mean like hey you know I'm saying? I had a Sony Walkman with a Huey Lewis and the News tape that worked just fine when my old tape deck went out. All yooze guys got theze here blue tooth and pandora and and your fancy playlists!! http://lobablanca.com/blog09/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/memorex.jpg
  12. Same as when we went to windows 8 and 8.1 It was frustrating at first and for me I had the windows 7 shell on my windows 8 laptop. Learning curve for you and your computer. Many of the drivers for the windows 7 hardware is not made for windows 8 or windows 10. So you have to sit there and do updates and read tutorials.
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