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Primary cooling fan replacement motor from Subaru


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Well for starters there is a FAQ on this.

i finally ordered an entire Fan assembly to do this write up and because my fans were hardly

spinning. for a Subaru radiator fan I ordered the primary and secondary fans for

a Subaru Impreza. These are for 1993-2001 Imprezas



Primary Fan assembly Part Number:



The primary fan has 5 blades



Secondary Fan Assembly Part Number:



The Secondary fan has 7 Blades

Both fans and part numbers above only fit the Primary mitsu fan only!!!!!!!!!!!







As far as wire colors they are Blue and Black just like on the Quest fan motor.

the new fan motors are the same for each fan assembly part number above.

just the blades and frame for the fans are different.




The original motor and new motors. the bolt pattern is the same.




not bolted in but it lines up perfectly.




Horrible Side View of motors.




fan mounting screws stock VS new. Same thread pattern.




you can see the difference once the fan is mounted. i used one stock screw and one

new screw. but in the end i used all new screws and put a tiny bit of Blue loc-tite on them.

there is more than enough clearance for the longer screw

in the pic below you can see the new fan screw on right and original on left.




as far as fans you need to seperate the fan from the motor to get it out of the

new frame to install on the mitsu frame. be careful there is a washer between the

motor and fan. dont drop it like i did and see it roll under the center of the car.

glad i saw it. be sure to use it when reassembling the fan. The nut holding the fan

on is 8MM. blue loc-Tite that nut as well




final result.




fan is in and ready to install. i didnt think a picture of it installed in the car was necessary.

Fan is in the car and spins freely and does not touch anything.


also i did cut and solder the leads with heat shrink and then electrical taped each separately.


Also the only tip i can give, do to past experience, is to cut one wire longer than the other.

offset the cut wires. i had once cut the wires on a previous car and they some how rubbed together

and shorted out. i had to replace the entire harness on the car from headlights to battery.


This is a quick short write up but hope it helps someone out.



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since i purchased both Subie fans, i was not sure which one to use.

So i just went with the 7 blade for my primary.

I got them from www.rockauto.com for $57 each.


now if only i could find the secondary fan motor i would be set.

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