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Microsquirt on my Kawasaki, need someone to talk to or atleast some guidance.

14 July 2014 - 05:35 PM

Attempting to convert my already fuel injected kawasaki kfx450r to run microsquirt. From what i can tell it is basically a direct "bolt in" though i am having some trouble understanding the trigger wheel setup and how to define what is already on the quad. I'm definitely jumping the gun a little bit as i havn't touched this stuff since november so i am really rusty right now but i am trying to get the ball rolling so i can get it up and going. I would greatly appreciate any help you guys can provide as this has NEVER been done on this brand of quad before. The big thing i havn't found much on as far as info is accessories that can be driven by the ecu, ie fan, temp lights, items like that. The other item is how do i determine if i can drive the stock KFX fuel injector off the ecu.

Here's what i am( well let off at):

MS Harness with stock KFX connectors wired onto it.

Posted Image

Connectivity to the ecu:

Posted Image

How the quad currently looks, going to do ALOT of work in the next couple days:

Posted Image

Garage kept 87 shetland 5spd in INDY

05 July 2014 - 03:47 PM

Well garage kept, but year round driven, i originally bought this car from the original owner wanting to do a 5.3 turbo swap but had to sell it due to having nowhere to work on it. other than a few spots on rust in the usual places( front fenders had it the worse and then someone tested it with their foot) Someone NEEDS to pick this thing up, the leather is still soft and it is a very complete car minus well the engine. Can speak first hand for this car and will be more than happy to help anyone get it, i would buy it myself but i don't have anywhere to keep it.


Widebody Rear spoiler

07 June 2014 - 11:52 AM

Looking for the rear spoiler and side pieces due to mine being cracked from hail damage. DO NOT CARE WHAT COLOR THEY ARE so long as they are undamaged

antenna "trim" piece aka the chrome nut

23 May 2014 - 05:33 PM

Needing the rubber piece that the antenna goes through and the chrome "nut" that threads onto the antenna. my car came with some aftermarket antenna that is epoxy'd on.

Xc racing adventures. And my other quads.

09 May 2014 - 05:53 PM

Figure someone may enjoy this. I have been riding quads since '03 and last year started racing them locally. Picked up an 08 kawasaki kfx450r and have loved the s*** out of it, rode it hard and put it away wet many of times. Wound up 8th in my class this last season, 9th in AMA C 16-24 and have a couple good sponsorships right now.

Here's the quad i started on.. 03 yamaha warrior, bought brand new by my parents and i have had it ever since. decided this winter that i won't ever sell it and started tearing it down for a total rebuild.

Posted Image
Posted Image

A couple banshee's i have owned

( 18th b-day present.. paid 800 and rebuilt it with help from a friend.. picked it up from downtown chicago)

Posted Image

( paid 1500 on vacation at the dunes for this)

Posted Image

02 Cannondale blaze i bought to try and race with ( because i like cool and rare stuff) this is 1 of 150( roughly? i don't remember exact #'s)  It made it 2 miles and the clutch failed.

Posted Image

And onto my current quad.. Here is where i picked it up in february..

Posted Image

A couple shots from middle of the season
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
end of season

Posted Image

Posted Image
And today.

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