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    anyone who was curious bout white racing stripes

    By boosted87quest,
    here is a pic of jamisons new paint job, i think it looks nice and clean.

    exhaust "dump"

    By vengeance484,
    hey all...   i am in the start of making this on my car and eliminated the cat. Now I was wondering, can this throw a flame out of the exhaust pipe like on the "race cars" I see on tv? I don't mean to make it sound like i want it to, b/c I really don't want it to.   Thanks in advance to all who reply...

    timing curves

    By Boosted_One,
    Thought I'd start up a timing curve thread.   Currently here is my configuration:   11 BTDC 34 degrees in at 3000 rpms   currently am running 1 dgree of retard per psi of boost past 10 psi.     Example: 15 psi would have a total timing of 29 degrees. 18 psi would have a total timing of 26 degrees.   I have not yet programmed the mock "vacuum advance curve". This would benefit my fuel economy at cruising and what not but has not affected my WOT runs.   That's what I got as of 9-15-02  

    Starting to lean out at 18psi  on 93 petro...Magna

    By Boosted_One,
    Had her out today, made some timing adjustments, fuel tweaks etc.   So far 18-19 psi on 93 octane is tough to keep in the 12's on the A/F. I can get it into the 13's area but that is not enough.   I am going to dabble with the retard curve, but I am somewhat leary that some good octane booster and/or race petro is in need past 15psi. 15psi runs excellent on pump petro.   I can REALLY richen it up, but it'll still read in the 13's on the A/F gauge. I got it so rich it started to chug and sti

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