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Found 15 results

  1. Hello! I just recently got a cxracing radiator to help me deal with the AZ weather and take better care of my poor car. ( driving with the heater on full blast and windows down in 100+ degree weather is not fun ) While moving the intake box and pipe either 1) I disconnected some lines on accident or 2) they were never properly reconnected in the first place by the previous owner which is sadly likely. A) Here is the line that goes into the frame, I believe this hooks to the bottom of the air box because the tube matches the nipple B) This is coming from the Canister on the intake box. ( If anyone knows what this is called I would love to try and find it in the FSM but I can't find any picture and don't know the name ) C) This looks like a drain to the oil pan If anyone has any idea of where these go to all help would be appreciated. I'm sure that their locations are in the FSM but I couldn't find any after searching the Fuel, Intake, and Emissions sections. I'll be working on it all today so if I figure it outIi'll be sure to update.
  2. Over the past few years I've reconfigured quite a few items on my car and now have some extra items I no longer need........ Intake manifold was run on the car for 2 years with me in addition to the 2 prior owners of the car. The manifold was originally built by quest925 ( http://www.starquest...topic=58298&hl= ). It has had some modifications along the way. Firstly at some point the throttle body was welded to the manifold. Secondly a the rear coolant port was opened up in order to flow to the heater core. The original paint had gotten pretty bad from heat/chemicals so I cleaned the majority of it off. Other bits: throttle body is a 65mm BBK for a 86-93 5.0L mustang, works with stock throttle cable, uses an inline thermostat housing (not in photos but will supply with intake). Manifold made good power and was very streetable. I would recommend the throttle body be cut off and a different TB put on. Like ALL BBK throttle bodies it suffers from vacuum lock at small throttle openings. http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g428/sq_spoon32/P1010049_zps90955cd3.jpg http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g428/sq_spoon32/P1010050_zps42efa360.jpg http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g428/sq_spoon32/P1010051_zps550f42fc.jpg http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g428/sq_spoon32/P1010052_zpsaf8afa3b.jpg Also for sale is an EDIS setup excluding the VR sensor and trigger wheel. EDIS module was purchased new and has less than 1000mi on it. Coil pack is a high discharge unit from ACCEL. http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g428/sq_spoon32/P1010053_zps1e1fee9c.jpg http://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g428/sq_spoon32/P1010054_zps16b9ba37.jpg Asking 350$ for the manifold and 70$ for the EDIS components. Will consider offers. Thanks, --Eric
  3. Made up a few intake plates for a roll your own MPI or ITB system. $105 each which includes USPS priority mail shipping, there are seven available. These are 6061 aluminum, 3.8" thick and fit perfectly on an M7 or M8 head, fits just fine on all others. I deliberately did not cut any excess material which serves three purposes: 1) The excessively large water jacket on the back port on the aussie (magna) head is completely covered. 2) The useless to us fuel pump port is completely covered. NO MORE LEAKS! 3) The distributor hole is covered. If you have enough moxie to roll your own intake you likely don't intend to use a distributor, but if you do you can just cut that end off beyond the water jacket. If you want to run a Mighty Max optical distributor (for crank and cam signals) you can drill an appropriate hole and you *shouldn't* need a spacer. I say shouldn't because I have not tested it. I run a Mighty Max dizzy on my MPI car and its using a 1/4" spacer, I don't believe another 0.125" is going to throw it out of the range of adjustment it already has. Obviously you'll need to fab your own gasket using a roll of gasket material, any auto parts store carries it. So what do I mean by "fits just fine on all others"? Well, there are slight variances in the actual intake ports for each runner on the many heads designed for the G54b, both in overall diameter and port placement. I'm being real picky and giving complete disclosure, we've put this intake plate on the M7, AMC Marnal, factory JV and D50 heads and while it is perfect on the M7/8 because that is what it was designed on you can feel some slight differences on the other heads with your finger between the plate and the bore. Again, if you have the moxie to fab an intake then you can certainly compensate, its just a few thousands of an inch. http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/intakeplate003.jpg http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/intakeplate004.jpg AMC MARNAL HEAD http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/intakeplate005.jpg AMC MARNAL LEFT SIDE http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/intakeplate006.jpg AMC MARNAL RIGHT SIDE http://picturehosting.com/images/oblique9881/intakeplate002.jpg M7/8 So, anyone want one? Again, these are a finished product suitable for your next extravagant G54b build, like mine! I'm going 48 MM ITB. If demand is high we can make more.
  4. We just got a block off plate for our egr on a 1989 conquest. I cannot find where this goes into the manifold. It goes to the secondary air cleaner with the vacuum line coming off, but I dont see where it goes into the intake. There is a tube on the bottom of the secondary air cleaner that isnt connected to anything. Is that it? Not sure if its already been deleted and they just left of piping and aircleaner still in. thanks
  5. Wondering if someone has a magna intake laying around or an mpi setup that they're willing to sell, I want to start collecting parts for the swap.
  6. i need to know where the wires come out of the engine harness for the intake air temp sensor. i know that the connector A on the computer pin number 17 is the correct pin for the ovcp intake temp but i cant find the wiring to go to the sensor in the engine bay...
  7. ***SOLD*** FOR SALE: Magna MPI Intake Manifold | $550 Shipped Included: Trilogy Turbos fuel rail (Silver) & 2004 V6 Mustang throttle body I was informed by the previous owner that this manifold was modified by Chad. It has never once been used. I am selling everything as-is, and will not be removing any included items to lower the price. I am selling it for what I paid for it, so the price is firm. http://i1144.photobucket.com/albums/o498/TrustConquest/8f164ac2-5f7a-4284-9431-18622cecc21e_zps510da406.jpg?t=1398134779
  8. first off, couldnt get pics to upload if you are interested i can send pics via text or email my friend got a conquest to do a 318 swap and it has a ton of 2.6 parts in the back. ALL PART'S RUNNING CONDITION/MILES ARE UNKNOWN and sold AS IS!!!!!! car has 130xxx on it dont know when pistons and rods were put in but pistons dont look to have alot of miles on them but no way to really tell Contact via email or text message, if you must call leave a message and we will return as soon as possible 336-225-3053 located in lexington nc may travel a little, may ship via pay pal payment at buyers expense Parts include: dash( not greatest condition, pics will come soon) down pipe and exhaust manifold je performance forged pistons bottom of piston says 92mm piston rods, friend said they were stock but shaved and polished intake manifold valve cover oil pan starter air intake? timing chain(used but condition appears to be good) there are some transmission parts in there as well just dont know what PRICE IS 750 AMERICAN CASH DOLLARS(pistons new alone are 600+) But: price is real negotiable, throw a good offer and maybe we can work something out, also looking for a good hood for conquest may be able to do some partial trading. delivery may be possible for the right negotiation Picture of trunk (could not upload) shows all parts not sure what all is there ( TURBO NOT INCLUDED BUT CAN BE THROWN IN FOR THE RIGHT PRICE (bearings shot))(driveshaft, and radiator also not included)
  9. http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/9349E06C-F969-40ED-AE66-2F149DC0A372.jpg http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/AE7EFA33-8290-4965-B0C2-A47E2BC33E26.jpg http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/00C99CF4-7E79-4F33-B734-6EE1E7EF5049.jpg http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/08A79989-29BE-4C77-8786-B80CDDAE59A2.jpg showing the porting http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/1B0BCC54-7CE1-4EBB-883E-0A66723889F9.jpg http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/CA1A62F3-35C3-43CE-9744-33D76D6A3167.jpg valve cover notched for ARP studs http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/376D4A0A-817C-4A14-9F8D-A5EC43F435CE.jpg Just needs a light polish http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/F54BF346-83AC-426C-A5DD-BFFEE908E724.jpg ported intake http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/5238D9C7-A022-4969-B91A-0F02C2FD10C5.jpg close up http://i1123.photobucket.com/albums/l543/autotr8er/Mobile%20Uploads/70AD1E2C-731A-454A-8609-CF5EF14ECE28.jpg I do not sell Junk! I'll post some additional photos showing there is no warping or additional concerns. Don't know what springs or cam are in it. Selling it all for $250 plus shipping. Ported intake, Ported Head, ARP studs, Polished Valve Cover. The Studs alone are $75 to $100 bucks by themselves. Sorry guys, but I've gotten burned lately on shipping, so I'm not paying a dime for it. I'm only selling it to help whoever needs it. So I don't upset anyone, the first to PM will get first shot. You have 48 hours to pay after I give you my Paypal address. Then it goes to the second PM, third and so forth (no pun intended) I'm sure it will go quick at this price. Take care folks. Richard
  10. Looking for a complete or "near" complete MPI setup for my 87 starion. 14g with 89 ecu and 20 psi just isnt cuttin it anymore. Let me know what you got.
  11. looking for a modified Magna and or other type of MPI intake. let me know what you have. Thanks,
  12. Hey whaddup guys so im having a problem.1988 Quest shp only upgrade i know of is wheel in turbo. So i havent drove her in like 3 weeks but i started her every week sometimes twice. So i finally drove her today i filled up the tank with 91. I drove from unioncity to sunnyvale easy no problem but at the exit after 2iono stop light she just died on me byt smoothly. I didnt even notice she died until i noticed gas pedal was giving gas. So i pulled over tried starting again she cranks fine but once on she dies in 2 seconds. Wli did this alot of times and a couple of times she stayed on but i had to pump the gas pedal but she eventually died again. I checked for fuel spark and were good there. Although the secondary injector clip got no power. You think replacing the clio would fix it? Btw i got her started for a little bit with my foot holding the gas but she was running like isht. I was also windering if could be maf or something with the intake. Cause my homies starion ran the same way with out his intake on.
  13. myquest86


    Looking for M-6 or M-7 Head. PM me, thanks
  14. ** First up is an uncracked intake WITH the rubber reducer! I know your impressed lol $20.00 plus shipping OBO http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i275/mangledbmx/IMG_20120911_152414.jpg ** Next is a "Gently" used 1g DSM MAS that is already modded so you can simply plug it in to your existing plug. How convenient! $30.00 plus shipping OBO http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i275/mangledbmx/IMG_20120911_152733.jpg ** Also for sale is an aluminum OVCP with Greddy flange, the picture does show an adapter plate but that will be going with the BOV. SOLD SOLD SOLD http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i275/mangledbmx/IMG_20120911_152700.jpg ** Finally up for grabs is a Forge BOV & adapter plate for a Greddy flange (shown on OVCP). It does not leak and sounds great. Held pressure up to 20psi no problem. SOLD SOLD SOLD http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i275/mangledbmx/IMG_20120911_152547.jpg http://i74.photobucket.com/albums/i275/mangledbmx/IMG_20120911_152526.jpg SPECIALS: If you buy both the OVCP and BOV, take off $20.00! If you pick up the 1g MAS and intake together, take off $10.00! If you have any questions at all or would like more pictures feel free to ask and I'll promptly do that for you. Allen
  15. Im looking for a MPI Intake setup. either sheet metal intake or Magna intake. let me know what you guys got i need somthing quick cuz my build cannot contiune without an intake
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