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  1. this was perfect. i found the wiring. the meth heads that messed with this car before i got it had split the injector harness all the way back an individually wrapped all the wires separately. i found the iat wiring coiled up under the battery tray. i couldn't even see the wiring until i removed the battery and the tray. thank you so much... that being said... my weekend went horribly. i got the car all ready for the event, got it on a trailer, hauled it all the way to the event but as soon as i was there it wouldn't run under boost. i pulled my gas cap to see if i could hear my fuel pump and air started to rush in like crazy. im surprised my tank didnt collapse. my diaphragm on my cap was seized in the closed position.. poked hole in it. problem solved "or so i thought" started up the car it ran great. sweet!!! drive for twenty feet ran like crap again... checked my fuel pressure and while revving the car the fuel pressure would fall to 0psi around 3000rmp and the car would try to die from lack of fuel. so i was suspecting that there was sediment in the tank. to prove my point i shut the car off, kicked the tank a couple times and started the vehicle again. the car ran great. until about twenty feet later under boost again. at this point im frustrated. so i enlisted some help from a friend. he kicked the tank and i instantly dropped the clutch and burned out, hit second gear and it cut out again. so i am going to drop the tank sometime soon i understand that the pump itself could be suspect too. if i am on the wrong track let me know what you think!! anything else i should check while im in there???? any guidance at all would be greatly appreciated. thank you to everyone who has helped me get to this point you guys are all great!!!! best online car community ever!
  2. I have whole extra 86harness I couldnt see that connector on it either. Lol thank you. I'm going out to the car today to do the isc and tps reset but the intake air temp needs to be connected to get the best results and that's why I'm in such dire need of this connector. There is a drift event next weekend and I need this thing running as good as possible. Ill keep you posted. Thank you.
  3. i need to know where the wires come out of the engine harness for the intake air temp sensor. i know that the connector A on the computer pin number 17 is the correct pin for the ovcp intake temp but i cant find the wiring to go to the sensor in the engine bay...
  4. that is a good reason to hire. lol too bad that doesn't look good on a resume.
  5. this place is crawling with them... theres some crazy people.. like scary racists.
  6. and crazy people that are paid to live in tents to guard them!
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