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  1. Damn Britt. Hate to hear about your team. Wish you the best...Good looking oven no matter what though.
  2. lol Jeff. I meant for this event. Top car was a 14 twin turbo mustang with 910 hp. Lots of 650-750hp cars vettes/stangs/etc. I'm just using a SAFC2 for tuning. I don't really know the answers to those questions as I've never logged it.
  3. 20-21 psi. Its a Borg Warner S362
  4. Exhaust is out the front fender. Its a crowd pleaser but I can't say that its my favorite setup. You shut you mouth Tye.... http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/bohocst/Starion_zpsao7gwos2.jpg
  5. Pretty proud of the ole POS. Sadly I wasn't even in the top 20 though. LOL http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/bohocst/Dyno_zpsuzbqge3d.jpg http://i564.photobucket.com/albums/ss85/bohocst/Dyno2_zpsllbscahr.jpg
  6. Whats your hp goals? Whats trans setup?
  7. I'm still gonna get in on this. Just had a baby shower that cost 5X what the gifts were worth. (MY FAULT!) lol... I'll send payment this week.
  8. Hope you had a good one Randy.
  9. Neither are really available. Most of us that have more than stock hp keep a couple lying around just in case. What are your intentions with the car?
  10. I'm just worried its going to look like a hot wheels car. Not trying to be offensive at all. Really love the build.
  11. I like my turboxs type H. It just sounds like a rush of air. No whistle, no squeak, no bark...Its really the only sound I like on the old bov.
  12. I don't always call someone a douche nozzle....but when I do...Its because they're whining for no reason.
  13. And yet the ozone isn't gone and we all don't have cancer!
  14. I have both. But the pain and issue was the kidney stones. I only ask because my other doctors said you would never do a CT with contrast to look for kidney stones...and that was supposedly what they were looking for. It just seems like they ordered the wrong test.
  15. Hey Harry...How you been? Long time no see.
  16. I started on humira last week. Going to give it a shot and see if it helps some of my symptoms. Its hard to talk about treatment with out drugs with the doctors as I know how the business works. And if you try to talk to people online about it most of them appear to be coo coo birds.
  17. I never used that setup so maybe Scott can help you out. But Its definitely your rpm signal as he stated. Broken wire - bad ground - bad module - etc.
  18. I know no one wants to read a long drawn out thread so I'll try to keep it brief. I've been having some minor health problems and have a question about a recent ER visit. In July I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease which is inflammatory bowel disease. I have a lot of scar tissue and inflammation in my small and large intestines. 2 weeks ago I was at work and started experiencing severe pain in my lower abdomen, then in testicles, then pissing blood. I went to the ER - blood work , CT scan, pain meds, 7 hours later, etc. They suspected kidney stones but didn't see anything so they said it was a Crohn's flare up and sent me on my way. The next day I was still in pain but tried to get through it as I figured this was just what life was going to be like during a flare up. The following day I couldn't stand it...I went to a different ER in Macon. They suspected the same thing - Kidney stones. Did a CT and said...yep...you have 2 stones. Gave me real pain meds and a strainer and told me to wait for them to pass only 3mm stones. Entire trip took 2 hours. I already paid $220 out of pocket for the first ER visit. Which upset me because my copay is 100$ but the new policy is to charge the "estimated 20% of service provided up front" which really pissed me off. Apparently its a new policy because most people don't pay their bills they said. And I'm sure I will be getting another bill in the mail for additional charges on it. Since they misdiagnosed me do I have any grounds to refuse to pay? I would think I could just talk to someone as between me and my insurance I've spent over 78k at this hospital in the last 3 years and work it out but I'm sure that won't be the case...So I'm just asking if anyone has any experience with this. Thanks, Braden
  19. One day Phil will drive as good as he welds..
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