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  1. the engine look sweet i would love to get my engine set up just like yours!

    What do i need to do to get my ofur injector work

  2. yeah but if you want to smooth out slight MAP changes just put it at 75%. Installing the can is just like takin away your % of lag factor.
  3. Well that just did it for me. I have been goin back and forth in my head about black rims on my Fiji and now that seals the deal. I need to send mine out to be coated.
  4. Hey man that GPZ looks awesome. I have a 96 GPZ1100 that I am in the process of repainting Ford 2003 Sonic blue (the blue on the 03 cobras) along with some other mods. I'll have some pics up when it’s done. I love what you did man and the paint... Great choice of colors
  5. Only if they get oiled... John and I have tryed all different makes and models of the elephant feet and without an oil supply to the ball in the foot they won't last 5k miles and you will have to re-adjust them twice a week. Heres some food for thought http://www.b2600turbo.com/valve_adjustment_screws.htm Lots of info on there, I am running Oiled Swivel Feet and prefer them over the feet.
  6. My homeboy's 86 with a turbo-charged LS1 is still running a stock 4-bolt rear-end. And last I talked to him, he had 560+ hp. How well is he hooking tho?? You will never snap an axle doin burnouts only from dead hookin.
  7. With a good amount of power and D.O.T slicks you will snap a 4 bold axle. I have seen people on this board snap 4 bolts at the track with miner mods and slicks I have even heard of 6 bolts letting go at the track still on TBI. If you are really goin to be hitting up the track a good amount and you are goin MPI you will snap an axle.
  8. Yup you can drop an 89 engine into an 86. FYI the 86 has a weak trans and a weak 4 bold diff. The Strongest year trans and diffs are 88-89 they had 6 bold diffs.
  9. His pistons are fine. Our stockers have never been recorded as failing on any of the HIperformance engines on this site making approximately 350 RWHP some with even nitrous. Stockers are fine for most applications
  10. Any injector can run 100% duty cycle thats just wide open its just not the smartest thing to do. Over heat injectors and zero flow control
  11. Do you know monty if they were hi impedance injectors or low?? High impedence do not operate well at high duty cycles. Low impedance injectors I have read can go all the way to 90-95%.
  12. lol hey monty come on 95% lol i'm in my boost 95% Come on monty don't lie 8)
  13. The stocker is not bad depending on what fuel PSI you will be running. The reason John and I put it on my truck was to save room and because the Mopar injecters I have need at least 55PSI and that without any boost rising rate on it. Also come it looks kool 8)
  14. Man thats looks like a real nice product. Keep us updated 8)
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