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  1. Ok, thanks anyway. There's a place called TriStarr in NY that says they can rebuild these, so if I don't get any other leads that's probably what I'll land up doing.
  2. Anybody have a fuel guage sending unit for an 88? Thanks, -norats
  3. Do you still have the fuel sending unit?
  4. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1988-mitsubishi-starion-2/
  5. 8 yo thread, but I'm back in Cleveland, any other Questers around?
  6. norats

    Engine build.jpg

    From the album: Norats' 88 StarQuest

    Finally got all Dad's parts installed, 10 years later!

    © norats 2022

  7. norats

    Norats' 88 StarQuest

    The old girl is back up and running. Thanks Tony Waldrop! '88 is back up and running!
  8. norats


    From the album: Norats' 88 StarQuest

    © norats 2022

  9. I'm back baby! Just picked up a white 88 conquest for free with a tweaked head, decent shape, unmodded, 122k. There's work to be done! Hey, who was the guy that hitchhiked from sqc member to sqc member's house across the country? I took him surfing...I think he was from Ohio or Indiana or somewhere back east. Tim or Tom maybe??? Help an old guys memory, here. Man, I can remember the pre sqc site....was 'almost' like a dos based bulletin board site with like 4 menus a vm, fs, wanted, and a bs that was about it. BuzzKill, completely vanished too -norats
  10. has not set their status
  11. I have an extra cheapy clutch up on ebay right now with no reserve & $1 start.....thanks, http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270508106000&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT It's been a while guys...Happy New Year My Resolution is to get my Quest back to life in 2010. Been messing around with this GTO for a while. Getting tired of it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270507552028&viewitem=&sspagename=STRK%3AMESELX%3AIT norats
  12. As always, Thanks for all you do for us! norats
  13. With gas prices at all time highs, 20 year old parts supplies diminishing, & seemingly constant maintenence...... (picture a guy buried in the hood) Do you NEED a car like this? no, not really. BUT, with a low barrier to entry (initial price), seat of the pants acceleration, & the look on that civic owner's face when you dust him......(insert turbo spool sounds here) Do you WANT a car like this? "Ohh BABY, you want a car JUST.........LIKE........THIS." (insert cheesy smile here).
  14. It has a strong engine and a good clutch. It has a 3.0Liter V6, A/C, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Locks, Power Seats, Hatchback, Tinted Windows, Rear Spoiler, Hood Scoops, Hideaway Headlights, Tilt Steering, Cruise, Pioneer AM/FM/CD Stereo, Leather Seats, Fog Lights, and Upgraded Rims. Clean title. Call Jim (norats) at (619)398-5150. Thanks. http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture011.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture012.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture013.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture014.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture015.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture017.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture006.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture007.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture008.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture009.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture010.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture001.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture002.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture003.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture004.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture005.jpg http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn301/snjmotors/1992%203000GT/th_Picture019.jpg
  15. Fianlly found one today at the boneyard, thanks anyway guys. norats
  16. need a clutch fan shroud from an older sq. will take the fan too if its in good shape.
  17. True professional company. I ordered my part late wednesday afternoon, received an immediate email confirmation and a tracking number the following morning. They actually stock parts, I know, hold on to your chair, actual physical parts are REALLY located in their possession at the time of order. Only complaint is they're a tiny bit pricier. But, as always, good service costs a little more and it's usually worth it. norats
  18. OMG.. too funny. Yeah I can just see you knocking on their door. Tell them you're me and that you drove 2000 miles and you want your stuff NOW, with a louie slugger in one hand...Nice. :twisted:
  19. OK a little more research on this: Hardly any info exists on autotruckpart.com, BUT tons of negatives on the web regarding the parent company fasterthanthem......apparantly these guys on heavy ebay drop-shippers and many other have gone thru this problem with them. Thanks God for AMEX!!!! Don't become a drop-shipper if you don't have excelllent communications skills...this is what happens. MKTG-101. Also, it appears that the user "fasterthanthem" was kicked off ebay. ********************************************************* THE FOLLOWING ARE EXCERPTS FROM OTHERS AROUND THE WEB ON THIS COMPANY. ********************************************************* fasterthanthem.com Nightmare! This is a post to fully state the nightmare time I had with an ebay company called “fasterthanthemâ€. I have no worries about any statement I make on this post, as I have complete and full documentation involving the ordeal I had to go through. Please read this entirely as YOU COULD BE NEXT! August 21st, 2006- I send an email to a seller called “fasterthanthemâ€, inquiring about a roof top carrier for sale, item #250021407628 . The item states “99 availableâ€, but it also states that you should contact the seller for verification or they are not contractually obligated. I also ask if I can receive it by September 7th, as I need to use it for that upcoming weekend. August 22nd, 2006- After getting no response, I call their 24 hour number. I get an operator who takes my number and assures me that they will be in touch. August 24nd, 2006- I call again, and an operator takes my message. One hour later I receive not one, but 3 emails in a row stating: “Hello, thank you for the question. This product is in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Go to www.FasterThanThem.com to purchase this item direct for a lower price and free faster shipping†Within 2 minutes of receiving the email, I purchase one of the 99 for sale with a “buy it nowâ€. I pay immediately by paypal as is my habit. Paypal Record- “Business Contact Information- Customer Service URL: http://www.FasterThanThem.com Customer Service Email: Save@FasterThanThem.com ——————————————————————————– Total Amount: $215.99 USD Date: Aug. 24, 2006 Time: 17:37:26 PDT August 28th, 2006- I receive an email from fasterthanthem- Subject: Your auction purchase has been submitted for shipment from www.FasterThanThem.com Seller User ID: fasterthanthem Total: $215.99 Please check your Paypal/Ebay Account and your Paypal/EBAY ***EMAIL*** address for your tracking information. We take the time to provide your tracking there so please check there before emailing about your tracking information. It will be provided there once available. Usually tracking is delivered 3-4 days after the item has already been shipped. In many instances, customers receive their package before the tracking email. We apologize for this, but our server loads are high.†September 5th, 2006- After not receiving any tracking info, I email for status, and receive this email- “Subject:Re: Question for item #250021407628 - Thule 668TT Frontier - Auto Generated Hello, thank you for the question. This product is in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Go to www.FasterThanThem.com to purchase this item direct for a lower price and free faster shipping. Just search the auction title on our website search box (upper left hand corner) to save more money. A sales reprentative will be reply with a direct answer shortly. “ I get suspicious and call. Once again, an operator takes my message. September 6th, 2006I receive this email: “Subject: Order Cancelled / Full Refund Processing - PLEASE READ BEFORE EMAILING OR CALLING! eBay item #250021407628 Thule 668TT Frontier Hello, unfortunately we have cancelled your order. This item is on backorder for an extended period of time. As stated in the auction we do ask that you inquire about availability before purchasing. At the time of listing; products are available, however items do sell out due to our website sales. We realize this is an inconvenience and hope you understand that we do apologize for it. *PLEASE READ THIS IMPORTANT* Please ignore all “payment reminder†or ?item shipped? emails you may receive from eBay. These are automatically sent by Ebay and not us.†So, to recap, they are saying that, in the 2 minutes bewteen when they said they had them and I bought it thru “Buy it Nowâ€, they ran out. I called again for explanation, once again my information was taken. A refund came on paypal later that evening. I email inquiring about what happened, and I get this reply- “Subject:Your auction purchase has been submitted for shipment from www.FasterThanThem.com Hello, thank you for purchasing our Thule 668TT Frontier Item title: Thule 668TT Frontier Web Address: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=250021407628 Item number: 250021407628 Buyer User ID: fuzzy_melon Seller User ID: fasterthanthem Total: $0.00 Please check your Paypal/Ebay Account and your Paypal/EBAY ***EMAIL*** address for your tracking information. We take the time to provide your tracking there so please check there before emailing about your tracking information. Now they’re shipping? After a refund? After 1 more auto-response from another email, I give up, scurry to buy another container locally and move on. I decide not to leave feedback, as I do not want negative feedback returned (my record is spotless) September 17th, 2006- I receive an email from ebay as follows: “Subject:eBay Unpaid Item Strike Received for Item #250021407628 Dear fuzzy_melon, You have received an Unpaid Item strike. You were the winning buyer on eBay item Thule 668TT Frontier (#250021407628). The seller, fasterthanthem has informed eBay that payment for the item has still not been received, or that the two of you were not able to come to agreement. As a result, you have received an Unpaid Item strike. After catching my breath (and a few curse words) I challenge the strike wth my documentation and receive a reversal from ebay- “Subject:Your eBay Unpaid Item Strike has Been Removed for Item #250021407628 Thank you for contacting eBay concerning the Unpaid Item strike you received. Our records indicate that this is the first Unpaid Item strike you have appealed. Based on your effort to contact us, and the information you have provided, we have removed the Strike from your file. To assist you as well as possible, we are providing the following information regarding our Unpaid Item policy. Should you have any concern not addressed in this response, please contact the appropriate department through the Trust and Safety web form, located at the end of this email.†September 20, 2006-I then send a nasty email to fasterthanthem- “Did I mention how much your company sucks? I have contacted members who are passing my story and the email documentation around concerning our little transaction. I trust they will continue to circulate…hey, this is even better than negative feedback! I too have started an ebay disput claim. Have a nice day†Believe it- I receive 2 MORE auto emails stating product is in stock and ready to ship. I then finally recieve an ACTUAL EMAIL FROM A PERSON AT FASTERTHANTHEM stating- “Hello this has been forwarded to ebay’s trust and saftey whom are currently investing mailicious bidding with similar IP’s to you in excess of $14000, that is a felony and will be prosecuted as such. If you had a problem you should have contacted us first. We take care of every customer that gives us a chance. Thank you Thank you, your business is valued and appreciated Glenn†So, they try to scare me off with some job about a fraud investigation? After I paid them and they refunded the money!? I still moved on until today, when I have just discovered that they gave ME negative feedback, stating “Failure to fullfill auction obligations, Your threats have been sent to ebay!†Can you believe this crap?? I do this post to make sure that hopefully everyone who reads the feedback I leave for this company gets here and reads about who they are getting ready do deal with. I had a spotless record, just wanted to buy an item, got screwed in the transaction and got my first negative feedback. Anyone who wishes actual email headers for authentication, please email me and I will greatfully submit all material. This entry was posted on Thursday, October 19th, 2006 at 12:30 am and is filed under Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site. 8 Responses to “fasterthanthem.com Nightmare!†Carl Says: October 19th, 2006 at 6:48 pm I just wanted to tell you I had the same exact thing happen to me, except on my parts I bought 5 of them, they sold superchips for vehicles at a low price of 156, so I bought 5 of the 500 sold. they took my money and held it for 2 weeks.refunded me the same thing, then I sent my money back, they then refunded it and sent an unpaid item claim to ebay. this company gets me out of this world furious, there is NO direct line to the company at all, the answering service says they are located in florida although the company fasterthanthem is in arizona, Ive been trying to find out some way to track a real number down, I bet its some stupid little kid at home working from his computer… Bill Says: October 20th, 2006 at 6:05 am I had problems with them too, too make my story short, I was paid, told it was shipped and giving a tracking # and saw no package for a month. I called and email overed 5 times. I left negtive feedback and they gave me it also b.c they said I never tried to contact them. Shady company, Ive posted on every forum Im on about them and I hope they go out of business and die. George Says: October 20th, 2006 at 8:23 am Thats Funny because i had the same thing happen to me. I baught a product in august they sent it to me empty i call them they made up a lame excuse about sending it to another address because the part number was in the box, THE BOX WAS EMPTY. I followed the return process and kept emailing them and i kept getting the auto generated response i was getting so pissed so i called them 4 times and each time the operator said she would have someone call me and no one called me. I got my refund like 4 days ago 2 months after and they took 90$ because of “Restocking Fee’s†It has to be some prick living in his moms basement doing this, by far the worst experience of ebay ever STEVE Says: October 20th, 2006 at 2:59 pm “FUZZY†THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW ABOUT THIS BLOG. I too tried to do business with these clowns (fasterthanthem) and the same sort of thing happened to me. I tried to purchase a JET CHIP for my Chevy truck and paid immediately through paypal. This auction also stated that they had 99 of them in stock. About two weeks go by and I call asking where my part was and they assured it was on the way. Not even an hour passes by and they then refund my money. I thought it was over so I ordered the chip through another company. A couple weeks go by and Ebay hits me with a “Unpaid Strike.†I was pretty upset because I have never gotten a strike from Ebay before and I indeed paid for the item. Both Ebay and this ebayer “fasterthanthem†have the worst customer service in the history of the United States. I called ebay and emailed numerous times and all it would have taken was a glimpse of my paypal account to truely show I did pay for the item then my money was refunded. Very bad experience with both Ebay and “fasterthanthem.†I was left negative feedback by these morons as well for NOTHING. Given negative feedback for PAYING IMMEDIATELY. AVOID THEM BY ALL MEANS! NOTHING BUT A BUNCH OF RETARDS AT THAT COMPANY!!! Marc Says: October 20th, 2006 at 3:00 pm Thank you for putting up this blog. I too had the same experience ordering a Thule box pulley system. The problem is that Ebay is doing nothing but slapping this guy on the wrist. This seller is engaging in illegal advertising practices and Ebay is facilitating it. He knows exactly what he’s doing and how much he can get away with. We need to shut this son of a complain down. Here is the whois info for fasterthanthem.com, for what it’s worth. Keep complaining to Ebay. Unfortunately, Ebay just seems to run interference for him. Domain name: fasterthanthem.com Registrant Contact: Faster Than Them Corp. Craig McConnel (fasterthanthem@yahoo.com) +1.6124817680 Fax: none 12625 Germane Ave #11 Apple Valley, MN 55124 US Administrative Contact: Faster Than Them Corp. Craig McConnel (fasterthanthem@yahoo.com) +1.6124817680 Fax: none 12625 Germane Ave #11 Apple Valley, MN 55124 US Technical Contact: Globat, LLC. Hostmaster Role Account (hostmaster@globat.com) +1.3234175167 Fax: none 11288 Ventura Blvd. #443b Studio City, CA 91604 US Mike Says: October 20th, 2006 at 7:52 pm Hi All, Same type of crap from fasterthanthem- I paid w/ paypal, no delivery for 3 weeks, I called, they took my info, said I would receive a call back soon to discuss the matter, no call, I called back. this went on about 10 times. Finally, I tried to get a chargeback from my credit card company, which worked temporarily until fasterthanthem misinformed the company that I had recieved the item through FedEx, and they had “signature on file†as proof. This is the biggest scam I have run into on the internet as of yet. Melissa Says: October 21st, 2006 at 10:49 am What happened to me was that I ordered the item from them AFTER I e-mailed with them (1st email was automatic response, 2nd they actually replied), then I clicked “buy it nowâ€. So I went to pay for it, paypal went down for the day. That night or next day I paid through pay pal. Then I forget about the item (it was for my husband). So then I check my email get email from ebay saying seller wants his seller fees refunded, so I think he should? At that point I said no but was thinking I did something wrong with my paypal. Anyways I call paypal they say The guy took the money out and then refunded it (thankfully). I check my next email (all recieved at same time) and the email says they shipped the item. (Now I wonder what is going on?) So I cannot get a number on them, get the run around, finally get a number and low and behold its an answering service!!! I called them 3 times, over a period of 2 weeks to find out what happened. They NEVER called me back. They have the absolute worst customer service b/c they cannot even tell you when they will call you back (probably b/c they were never planning on calling me back!) So thats the story there. I left them negative feeding b/c why did they want their seller fee back? Why did they say they shipped the item when they never did? Why did they refund without saying they were going to? So now I have negative feedback on my ebay b/c of their mess-up. They said they told me the item was out of stock, but they never ONCE said that. The only thing they said was the item was on its way. I dont know how they get a power seller status, b/c realisticly I would NOT recommend them to anyone. I had other good experiences with a power seller, and they deserved the title, this guy blew it! –Missy – Email from fasterthantham: Hello, thank you for the question. This product is in stock and ready for immediate shipping. Go to www.FasterThanThem.com to purchase this item direct for a lower price and free faster shipping. Just search the auction title on our website search box (upper left hand corner) to save more money. A sales reprentative will be reply with a direct answer shortly. –2nd email: Hello, thank you for purchasing our JET CHIP 6.8-415 FORD V10 6.8L/415 Ford modular V10 1 Item title: JET CHIP 6.8-415 FORD V10 6.8L/415 Ford modular V10 1 Web Address: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...em=250000477361 Item number: 250000477361 Buyer User ID: barney9600 Seller User ID: fasterthanthem Total: $19.51 Please check your Paypal/Ebay Account and your Paypal/EBAY ***EMAIL*** address for your tracking information. We take the time to provide your tracking there so please check there before emailing about your tracking information. It will be provided there once available. Usually tracking is delivered 3-4 days after the item has already been shipped. In many instances, customers receive their package before the tracking email. We apologize for this, but our server loads are high. International orders do not have tracking(as stated in the auction). Items will be shipped within the time frame stated in the auction. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you. Thank you for your business and the opportunity to serve you. All Items are cheaper at www.FasterThanThem.com Faster Than Them Corp. –We like fast cars, let us help you build yours.– www.FasterThanThem.com 9-21 I recieve a letter saying unpaid item mutual agreement (they want their seller fees back, I say no. At this point is when I did not realize they were a scam. – What I am looking at is my feedback I left for them was negative which they left me negative feedback. Anyways I went to their feedback and cannot find it. Maybe I am not looking hard enough but not sure whats up with that cuz I know you cannot just get rid of feedback… unless its b/c I replied to what they said to me. ??? No idea. Thanks! Greg Says: October 26th, 2006 at 7:10 pm Hi, Looks like these crooks have gotten not only me but a bunch more people too. I purchased a Covercraft Car Cover Toyota Prius W/Roof Antenna 04-06. When I received the cover it was not a cover with a slot for a antenna and it did not have slot for the side mirrors either. The insturctions said to cut a hole in the cover for a roof antenna. I tried for days to contact the crooks that sold this item on E-Bay only to be told by an answering service that my message would be pass to the person that takes care of the problems. Well as you may have already guessed no one ever called me back. I sent too many e-mails to count to these crooks only to be sent a set of return instructions which stated that I was to pay return shipping an handlling charges and too also pay a restocking fee of 25%. By the time I would have paid all these expenses I could have went down to the local Advance Auto Parts store and purchased a cover for less. After having no luck in getting the correct cover or even being able to talk to someone I ended up keeping the cover and cutting a hole in it for the roof antenna. I did however submit complaints to both Paypal and E-Bay about the Fraud this person has committed. I also asked them to consider banding this crook from E-Bay. I hope E-Bay will do something about this, Greg *********************************************************** END OF OTHERS" POSTS *********************************************************** So watch out kiddies, these guys are out there, prob still on ebay under a diff name. norats BTW can we get these Feedback Forum pages to link up with Google somehow? Then again, why waste precious SQC bandwidth on these deadbeats. But it would be positive for our other Good vendors. Just a thought.
  20. "Purchased" (well paid for at least) a XS bypass valve over 2-1/2 weeks ago. -Still don't have the item. -Have no emails from the company other than their computer generated "Thanks for your order" crap. -I have sent them several requests about when the item will be shipped, if it's even in stock, etc. NOTHING in response. -The company has no phone numbers listed anywhere, and hides behind network solutions with reference to any physical location or phone info. I get the impression this company is one guy working out of his garage with no inventory & trying to "make deals happen" when he gets an order. has anybody else used these turkeys? Update: called my credit card and got a little info about them: Autotruckpart.com aka "FASTERTHANTHEM" 12645 Germane Ave #12 (probably an apartment) Apple Valley, MN 55124 480-626-4292 Left message, we'll see what happens. norats
  21. BTW I agree with you, I almost went to winconsin to buy an Electric Blue with only 10k on it, but was talked out of it by the wife! It was an automatic anyway.
  22. Info, if anyone wants it, is as follows: Go to Gabe's site and the first three pics under "pictures" are mine ('83 hood). http://home.attbi.com/~starquest/meets/052502meet.htm It's Acura Red aka Milano Red & color code is R81....another really cool red is the 99 Cadillac Eldorado (code:86U) when you see the car it jumps out at you. Â Only problem is that it's got metallic in it and they can't spray it "tear down" style (paint car in pieces basically), so I went with the Acura Red cause I wanted to get as close to a factory paint job (quality wise) as possible. I absolutely hate tape lines and even worse OVERSPRAY! Â I think any color you pick will look great on your car, it's a quest afterall! Â It's more important to focus on the quality--take your interior out, completely, remove all rubber moldings, pull side windows, put crappy tires/rims on it, and if you want a really good job bring the car to the paint booth in pieces & paint both sides of everything and do the jams. See my webspace for pics on the paint prep....http://www.eastcountybiz.com/jim/ (the doors came off later... Well, good luck I hope this info helps Jim
  23. Yeah, i hate sacrificing my armrest for a soda too, norats
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