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  1. Apparently we are all doing it wrong here.....he made 430hp/456tq with AC on on a "bored to 2.9L" TB car with Mitsu turbo and duel 600cc injectors over 10 years ago. Wish I knew his secret Not an awful price for blue with SHPs......but I got a good chuckle at the "facts" http://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/cto/5240041040.html
  2. I have an 83 parts car with that interior....what you looking for? Shoot me a PM with your number if you want me to call....can't find it anymore.
  3. Money sent.....thanks again for the new run!
  4. Awesome Phil.....add me as well. So we need to send $160 to include the second softer bushing (if it's available)?
  5. His old build thread: http://www.starquest...showtopic=69675 Post 8 shows some of the reinforcement it required for gullwing.
  6. Back when Pagemo was working on the gullwing car, substantial reinforcement was required in the floors and roof. I bet he has pictures still here somewhere of all the welded channel that it took to adequately stiffen the chassis, but you could see the deflection in the roof skin after cutting the gullwing hinge pocket areas on a totally stripped chassis.
  7. Been a while since I've tinkered on a SQ and got the itch to MPI my flatty. Need a set of (4) small injectors preferably in the 550 range and low impedance. Everything I have is 750 or bigger and no intentions of big power on this one so would love to find a set in the 550 range.
  8. Gonna be fall/winter time frame before my shop is willing to take my car as a roller and paint the engine bay:( Apparently they are full up on non-running cars right now and no room. Then it's time to play. Fyi Tae.....Page ended up with the Raider.
  9. .....drive 30 year old cars as your daily driver We had to take this picture today. Literally.....these are our DD's. This is me, my boss (Randy, YellerBeast89 on here), and the office director. We catch quite the grief about driving old cars with the top 3 spots in the office. The office director also had a SQ until a couple years ago. The 80's are such unappreciated years....Randy's 635CSi is pretty sweet. http://i954.photobucket.com/albums/ae29/awb1102/20150623_153610.jpg
  10. I keep my rears at 5-6 clicks from soft but had to bump the front setting to 10-12 or so. Always had a little too much "bounce" running the front at 5-6 on my car.....felt springy when going over certain bigger bumps or dips. Taking it up to 10-12 smoothed it right out. I'm not running excessively low though....maybe 1.5" lower than stock.
  11. I'm welding a housing to mine if I ever use my FIP manifold. I'm trying to dig up a picture of one from a few years ago.
  12. I'm still down for one when you make another run!
  13. I would be happy to pick up a couple sets as well to help the GP.....tuned in for the rendering for sure.
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