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  1. i'm in the market to buy a StarQuest, i have a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am GT V-6 Ram-Air for sale & i may have someone buying it, as soon as he takes it of my hands, if you still have it i'll hit you up... (DAM!!! it's been along time since i been here). if you still have it?
  2. hey ConQuest, please count me out. i have sold the car, great deal just bad timing on my part. thanx for being patient with me on this & good luck...
  3. da_drgn


    Great Merchandise, very prompt delivery, awsome guy to buy from!!! Moderator note: Please provide more details as described in the Feedback forum posting guidelines.
  4. Congrat's Rich, that's great you finally got her running. can't wait to get mine started...
  5. i'm in, the spec's are; .040 over 8:1 for me, i guess i could wait on the Magna Manifold :'(... i need to get my car running first, than i will worry about it's Fuel system later :'(
  6. i'm like Oscar, this G/P has good deal's going & right now i could do one at a time, so if i'm not to late i want to get in this deal, i want the .040 over 8:1,
  7. Great guy, very smooth sale, recieved the product super quick as he promised, great, great packaging, & even threw in instructions for wiring. can't ask for more than that!!! P.S. do you work for the Post Office? LOL!!!
  8. Hey Rich, i just got mine today, looks great. i left you a feedback for this G/P, hope to see you soon with another great G/P... PLEASE: for the one's that recieved the Marnal Valves, please be considerate & curtious to leave a feedback for Rich, it's the least we can do for his work in putting this together for us... drgns88quest
  9. great person to deal with, merchandise is in the condition he said it is, his respond to his PM was quick & curtious, would do business again with no problem... thanx Joe
  10. hey Chip, are you going to have a PayPal account set up, or you want moneyorder mail to you? it helps me out with the time frame. i already have my Marnal Head & just got my Retainers, just waiting to get the Valves from Rich. i'm now going to buy the Roller Rockers as well, there are alot of Great! deals going on the G/P & the for sale forum, going crazy here... anyway let me know.
  11. i was going to post a feedback for Tim, but he BEAT ME TO IT!!! lol, anyway i recieved my Retainers & Locks, nice & packaged... i will look foward in doing some more business with Tim if he decide to put up another G/P, GREAT & TRUSTWORTHY in my book!!!
  12. that's kool Rich, you've done alot by being on top of this & letting us know. i just recieve my retainers from Tim. woohoo!!!
  13. great detail work on the engine, it looks so nicely done that if i had mines like that, i would put it in a glass box & displayed it in the main living room like a trophy...
  14. hey Tim, i sent my payment today, let me know when you recieve it... you will get it in a red envelope, i know it's gay but i ran out of white envelopes. thanx, drgns88quest
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