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  1. Well if it's any consolation I needed help out of bed the last three days and I just turned 40. You're clearly much tougher than I am, so I figure you have quite a bit of grandkid kissing and hugging left in you.
  2. I think you know how I feel, Shelby. We all go eventually. Whenever that happens for you (hopefully some distant future date) you'll know you helped hundreds of people here and probably thousands in your life, not to mention how much you enriched the lives of your kids and grandkids. Be happy and content. You deserve it, and not everyone can enjoy that comfort.
  3. Thanks for setting Heefner straight. He's had that RPM range wrong for nearly 8 years, . I still mean to go back to a 292 cam, but as a roller. I lost too many engines to slip rockers to go back to them, although with all the more I drive the car it would probably be fine. Need to find a rear end vibe and get it Cali smog legal before I can enjoy it much.
  4. Yeah, I think that explains my confusion. Let me take a look at the way the lights are mounted to the trailer frame and I think I'll find the problem.
  5. Bulbs. I swapped them side to side before I posted and nothing changed. It's an ancient trailer with brand new lights. Ground is bare metal, but the tongue could be dirty enough inside that it's not getting what it needs. I'll check that out.
  6. Yeah, the vehicle tows all kinds of stuff with no issues. The trailer lights were a simple install, but I think it might require something the instructions didn't say. The instructions were just a matter of matching up colors and connecting.
  7. I'd love to have enough free time to bother with stuff like this, but it's just easier to comply and keep people off my back. When I miss a day of work it's a leave day I could have spent with my family, so it's priceless. More power to those of you who have time for it. Now that I've survived a few months of M3 ownership without a ticket I'm starting to get a little pissy about speed traps. I don't feel like cops have probable cause to shoot their radar gun at me and just "check" whether I'm breaking the law or not. I'm guessing that's why they have to post signs that say "speed checked by radar", so that you "knowingly" operated your car there and were warned. Any of your research reveal anything about that, UCW?
  8. I'm losing my mind over some simple utility trailer lights. The lights are brand new, just wired today. The harness is a 4 flat plugged into a 2004 4Runner 7 pin through an adapter. I have no issues when I rent uhaul trailers and such, which is pretty often, but I trouble shot the truck side grounds for good measure anyway. Here's what it's doing. Everything is normal on the left trailer light. Brake, tail, turn and side marker all act completely normal. On the right, I get a very dimly blinking side marker light when I signal right, but only if the headlights are off. If the headlights are on I get nothing on the right, no brake, no tail, no blinker. Under no circumstances does the actual turn signal ever blink on the right side. Clear?
  9. Thanks. PM'd you. Auction ends in 5 minutes so we may be out of time to coordinate anything. Thanks for offering either way.
  10. Post if able/willing to coordinate a freight pickup at a warehouse in Lebanon, TN and I'll PM details. I can make it worth your while if it's inconvenient.
  11. Ok, first to use the words "neodymium yag" correctly in a sentence wins. And, go.
  12. LED's were a $1900 option that I skipped when I ordered my M3. The consensus among bimmerfiles is that the LEDs will transition to standard equipment and laser will be a $2500'ish option here in a few years. Bi-xenon HID's will have to do for me. I don't have the nerve to overdrive a 650 yard beam anyway, lol.
  13. It's a 4th gen. '04 V8, so full time 4x4. This diff was built by a shop that replaces the notoriously week diff bearings with a brass bushing to prevent this issue, but with the diff being loose when we got in there to replace the CV's I'm leaning toward that bushing being the culprit. We'll see. Thanks for the replies.
  14. So I've been trying to fix a vibration under acceleration in my 4Runner for months and finally got around to shooting some gopro footage of my CVs to track it down. The shaking started with the original OEM CV's at about 110k miles. I assumed the original CV's just needed rebuilt so I replaced them with rebuilt ones. The CV in the video is an autozone rebuilt unit, so I'm leaning toward replacing it with a new OEM CV that can actually handle the droop my lift causes. Trouble is the diff mounting bolts were loose as heck when these CVs went in so I'm afraid it's actually diff bearings or something. Any thoughts? http://vimeo.com/116500328
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