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  1. You guys are funny. Yeah, the engine's old, rusty and been outside, but it's ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS. I've seen long blocks only go for $300. It also comes with alt, AC comp, steering gear box, front subframe, yada yada yada. Shame I had to come back here after a year to defend my $100 engine.
  2. I don't post here anymore, but a friend told me about this, so I stopped by wanted to make sure to let you know how I felt. I am glad I got to meet you, and I've had much respect for you in the 13 years I've known you. I wish you nothing but the best with your remaining time, and hope as things progress you are not in pain and you are at peace. I lost my grandfather to lung, liver and brain cancer in November, but luckily he went quick, and only started having bad pain the day before he died. That said, no need to explain yourself or what you've done in your years here. You have helped and been respected by hundreds (if not thousands) of SQers over the years. Getting worked up about a handful of Negative Nancy's seems like a big waste of time to me, especially given the fact you have limited time, and that time is precious. Spend your remaining time with family and others who care about you, and you about them, not worrying about those who don't. I'm not much of a religious man, so I'll forgo the whole God's will, and "we'll see ya on the other side" thing, but know this... you will never be forgotten. You will always be remembered on this site, and by those you've helped or touched the lives of (like me). You will be in my thoughts, my friend.
  3. Please delete my vendor ads. I asked for this back in March when I quit this site and being a vendor, but they are still up. It's getting annoying sending PP refunds. Thanks.
  4. I know this. I am not blaming my leaving on anyone but me. I have tried to avoid the BS forum or posts by certain people, and it works for a few days but eventually, I fall back into them. The idiots will only get to me if I let them, and I guess I do, because it gets to me. So, I have 2 choices... Stay someplace that causes me stress just because of my own inabilities or lack of willpower, or distance myself from the stress because I obviously can't handle it. I am choosing the healthier option, and leaving. This is ALL me. I am doing what is the healthiest and most important to my life, family, and livelihood. 100% total selfishness. Anyway, I responded to the post about the baby, and I think that's all I need to deal with, so I will sign off now. Mods, please take down my vendor posts and remove my vendor title. You can also suspend, cancel, or do whatever you feel is right with my account.
  5. First off, Derek got here at 8:01am Central on Friday, and is 8lbs 8ozs, and 20 1/2 inches long. After my daughter, I didn't think it would be possible to have 2 healthy, beautiful, perfect babies who never fuss, but somehow it happened. He didn't cry when born, or the multitiude of times they pricked him for tests... I didn't even know what his crying sounded like until his circumcision this morning, and even then, he only cried a little bit (I would cry a lot more if I had to do that today LOL). Second, it really means a lot to me to see all of the love in this thread. I have truly met some special people in this community I have shared more about my life with y'all than I have even some of my own family, yet many of you I have never met in person, or even know what you look like. It's people like y'all who have kept me into these cars for better than a decade. You make some of the stressful parts easier to deal with. I will make sure Kate knows everything y'all said... I'm sure she will be touched. There are a number of people here Kate misses. Really, she liked everyone here except for a handful of people who were a part of the drama of her exit. Sadly, that brings me to my third and final topic... Cars have always been important to me, especially SQs. They are still important to me, but other things have become more important. I need to live a life with less stress, and be able to focus happiness on the more important things in life... my kids, family, friends, and my health. The stress of being a vendor and drama from this site has just gotten to be too much. I had talked with Kate a few days back about stopping being a SQ vendor, but after Robert's post earlier, it became clear to me that I had to do more than that. A second kid means less time to devote to my business, and that means only focusing on the most profitable aspects of it, and SQ stuff ain't it. The drama gets me pissed, sad and anxious all at the same time which isn't healthy at all. At times it was mildly entertaining, but inevitably, even the entertaining stuff went too far. Anyway, I may be back on 26liter after some time away. It's about the only site that doesn't stress me out since Cal's been gone, other than a couple Facebook pages. I'm hoping after a little break I will get back some more SQ love, and continue to enjoy my cars and time at 26liter. However, I think at a minimum I will be giving up my mod status there. I need to make SQs fun again, and I don't think I can do it here anymore. People like y'all definitely help, but I need to do more.... for my own sanity. I guess what I'm saying, is it's not you, it's me Thank you all again for the kind words. While they make my decision that much harder (I'm getting a little teary-eyed right now), they do mean the world to me.
  6. I was directed to this post earlier, but couldn't reply until now. At first, I planned on coming here and dropping F bombs by skirting the language filter, and telling you to shove the Vendor's section you know where. After talking to the wife tonight, I decided, that it just wasn't worth it. I actually realized, there are a lot of things that just aren't worth it anymore in the SQ world for me... I got my own SQ a little over 11 years ago, but my love for them started way back in 86 when I was 13 and my dad brought home a brand new ESI-R That one was stolen and totaled 6 months after he got it, but replaced it with an 87 ESI-R that he kept til 92. I tried to buy it from him rather than him trading it in, but he thought I'd kill myself in the thing, and he may have been right. I have a lot of good memories with my dad in those cars. I think that's what brought me here in 02... When it was time to find a fun project car, I was looking at DeLoreans, and somehow a Conquest came up in the search. I had actually forgotten about them to an extent until then, but when I saw the car, all those memories came back and I knew instantly That I was going to get a SQ. Looking back, I wish I had gotten a DeLorean... They've pretty much doubled in value since then. Anyway, I had the love for the car, and then once I was in the community, it was so close knit, that just made the love for the car that much stronger. I've met a lot of really good people and made lots of close, life-long friends. But things have changed. The community is different... I don't know if it's different because of this site or any other SQ site... Maybe it's just a different group or type of people... Maybe time and societal changes have changed us all and turned us into different people... Maybe it's Obama's fault, or even a combination of all those things. Hell, maybe it's all my fault. Maybe I've turned into a bitter old man, and took everyone down with me. At this point, I don't know and I don't really care. All I know, is the love is gone. I have been stressed a lot lately, what with the baby on the way, and just trying to keep everything together as a stay at home dad, husband, business owner, and friend to many. I had already talked to the wife, and decided it was probably in my best interest to quit being a SQ vendor. The vendor section did help sales for a while, but after a couple months, they trickled back down to the volumes they were before (so don't pat yourself on the back too hard, Robert). I put a lot of time into this community making and selling parts, as I do for a few other kinds of cars I like. The difference, is I make a lot more doing the parts for the other cars. If I try and charge more, nothing sells, and at the prices they're at, they don't even sell much. I think it's funny Robert used the term "profitable" I've made about minimum wage for my time to make the parts and take them to the shipper. The stuff I do for other cars makes me about $20/hr, plus about 10-20% extra.... That's profitable. I'm not even gonna get into the 10+ hours a week I spend answering questions about my products, or giving body and paint quotes... never to have those people actually purchase anything. That said, there have been lots of great people who have purchased and enjoyed my products, and a number of people who actually spent substantial amounts of money on my products or services.... I thank you all immensely. Anyway, I've been stressed about SQ stuff being much less profitable than other stuff, as well as the time I put into SQ stuff compared to my other products. Losing molds and a FG supplier to a typhoon didn't help much either. Then, add the Cal BS, and other madness from people on Facebook (can you believe CJ Franger is still out there in SQ land?), and I'm just sick of all of it. My time here on SQC is done, as is my time as a vendor. I'll probably bail from some SQ pages on Facebook too.... Just need to get the stress out of my life, so I can focus happiness on my family, friends, and what little profitable business I have time left over to do after the "important" stuff in life. If I had to make a decision right now, my time at 26liter would be done, and I'd be selling all my SQ stuff... cars, parts, all of it. I'm hoping a break from here and being a vendor puts some SQ love back in my life, but if not, then I'll re-evaluate that in a few months. Robert, I hope you don't feel flattered, or get an even bigger ego thinking you were the one who ran me off... you're just the straw that broke the camel's back. I do think it's pretty ironic tho that for someone who is a moderator, and doesn't want drama, you sure end up in enough of it. I mean, starting this thread, and then proceeding to do the exact same crap you admonish others for doing? Pot, meet kettle. For the record, I haven't talked bad about this site in a long time, and even when I did, it wasn't about the site as a whole... it was usually about certain people that were bringing this site down. I have never "bashed members behind their backs" either. There have only been a handful of people I have not gotten along with... You, Cal, PQ, Ulrich, Franger, *DM... I think that's about it. I have never made my dislike of you or anyone else on that list something that was a secret or said behind backs. In fact, I think I made it abundantly clear to the few people who disrespected me that I didn't much care for them. Hell, who knows, maybe the drama's all because of me, and after I'm gone, things will be nothing but hugs and kisses. I guess we'll know then that it was all my fault Like I said, there are good people here and in the SQ community as a whole... I'm sure the friends I've made will remain friends weather I'm into SQ's or not, so I'm good. There's great info about theses cars, not just on this site, but all over the SQ community. I'm sure y'all will be helping future generations of SQers for a long time. However, my time helping here is done. Feel free to suspend my account , just give me a couple hours to check and make sure I don't have any other threads I need to reply to before I go. It's been great. Keep 'em spooled, and happy motoring!
  7. I probably won't be around to much the next few days. We gotta head to the hospital in 3 or 4 hours to welcome Derek Justin Wade into the world. I'll have my smartphone, but will probably only be on Facebook much because that's one of the few sites that don't seem to suck on my phone. If anybody was considering purchases from me, you may want to wait until later next week, or at least be aware that I might not be able to get any stuff to the shippers until Wed. or Thurs. I'll be back with pics of the next generation Starquester in a few days
  8. Nope, but there are things you can do to help your weatherstrips last longer...keep the nooks and crannies clear of dirt and grime... that stuff can work like sandpaper on the weatherstrip everytime you close the door. You can also hit them with some spray silicone, which will help keep them protected from the elements, keep them from drying out, and it also helps them seal a bit better
  9. Wind noise is usually from the weather strip. or a door being out of adjustment. I doubt a hing would be the cause unless the hinge has been adjusted previously to where the door sits out away from the car a bit. Most times it's from the shape of the door being tweaked over the years... The "bar" that goes around the door glass along the A pillar and roofline gets bent away from the car over time. With some care it can be bent back. Start by taking strips of paper and closing them between the door seal and the body. Try sliding the strips of paper around or pulling them out. If there's resistance on the pieces of paper then the seal is pretty good in that area... if the paper slides all around or is pulled out with no resistance, then there's not a good seal there. Once you know what area of the bar is letting in air, you can try and bend that section back a bit. Make sure the door window is down, and use a piece of 2X4 between the latch and striker to keep the door away from the body a bit, then push on the area that had the weak seal. close strips of paper in the door, and see if there's resistance... if so, it's fixed, if not, you have to try and tweak that bar a bit more. Put the 2X4 back in and push on the bad area a little harder, then try the paper again. You'll want to work up to it... try bending a little harder each time til you get it. Don't go big and try to bend it a lot the first time... you may end up getting that area to seal but then ruin the geometry for the seal on the rest of the door. You can also bend it with the door open by using your knee or body against the inside of the door, and pulling the bar toward you, but I like pushing it. Of course, this is all assuming you have a good weatherstrip. A ripped or torn WS can make wind noise on a perfectly adjusted door.
  10. Easy peasy... Pull the fender, leave the door closed and latched, then replace the hinges one at a time. Should keep everything lined up nice and neat as long as you only do one at a time
  11. That's true, a wreck fixed with shoddy work will be pre-weakened for the next wreck. That said, if cars are cut and pieced together properly, they can actually be stronger than from the factory. In college we cut an Escort at the A pillars and under the seats and put a new back end on it. Frame rails and pillars were sleeved, and the rest of the seam was welded double thick. After everything the car was measured and was well within all OEM specs.
  12. Yep, the sealant machine for the right tails was definitely not calibrated the same as the one for the lefts.
  13. The silver ones don't have the best of luck either.... http://www.26liter.us/gallery/albums/userpics/10087/stolen_esir.jpg That was from catching air at around 80 and landing into an 18" high brick retaining wall. The guy driving it wasn't wearing a seatbelt and walked away with a small cut on his arm from hitting the dash. Insurance totaled it, but according to Carfax it was put back on the road. Not bad, considering I've seen cars ripped apart and people seriously injured or even killed from similar impacts.
  14. Side hits at high speed are usually the best chance for shearing a car in half like this. Rusty framerails and firewall will help it shear even easier. I have a degree in Auto Body and have studied unibody strength and weaknesses. Add that to the fact I have cut up a few of these cars parting them, and I can assure you that the SQs are definitely stronger than the average car. MUCH stronger than the econoboxes of the same era.
  15. http://www.wreckedexotics.com/newphotos/bad/bad170.jpg
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