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  1. that was just the issue for yesterday, but I also did some further tweaking of the database to hopefully tune it up a bit more...
  2. there was a corrupted database table which has been fixed, all should be well now.
  3. Once you have an adsense account you can add other sites to it. Perhaps you have another site somewhere that you could use to apply, and then add the new site?
  4. try this: http://winff.org/html_new/ It's like a swiss army knife of media
  5. I was messing around with some tweaks on the server yesterday... not liking this hosting provider much...
  6. Some of you may have already noticed that certain words now point to links and display a small popup indicating "this link added by skimlinks" or similar. This is a new mod I added to the server to help support the site, not a virus on your machine, so don't panic! I hope it won't be too intrusive or annoying, so let me know if it gets to be a nuisance.
  7. Thanks, all. and I modified the topic to correct the spelling... I have no idea who that "Riddler" guy is
  8. I wish I could answer that question... I'm investigating, but seems to be an issue with the database engine on the server. I'll keep tweaking it until I get it optimized (I hope).
  9. looks like the server had some bad default values which were seriously affecting performance. I've done a little tweaking and seen some improvements, but time will tell...
  10. Starquest Friends, Just a quick note to thank all of you for your help in the past, and a reminder that the time has come yet again for me to go out and walk. On October 7th, I will be again Stepping Out to Fight Diabetes and support the American Diabetes Association. By making a donation on my behalf, you will be supporting the Association's research effort while also helping fund programs and advocacy. My goal is again to raise $10,000. Please help me reach my goal by supporting me for this year's walk by following the link to my personal Web Page below to make a secure, 100% tax deductible donation, or the paypal link below. (If you do not want to donate online, please send me a forum PM and I will provide the address to you to send a check) If you are unable to help out this year, I understand, and am still thankful for the help you've given in the past. Remember, even as little as 5 dollars can help! http://main.diabetes...oto/tori2012 or paypal donation and include your site user name. (note: paypal will charge ~4% so please use the method above if you can) Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes. I appreciate your support for this worthy cause. Together we can stop diabetes. One step at a time. Thank you!
  11. apparently this is my status
  12. are you using the "view new content" link at the top of the forums for that?
  13. if you were going to just "starquestclub.com" and not "www.starquestclub.com" that would have been an issue, because I didn't update both records in DNS. They are both the same now, so that issue should be gone.
  14. this is a quick reply post from google chrome 18...
  15. any of you having an issue getting javascript errors? I can't duplicate these issues on IE8 or Firefox 14 either one...
  16. I chose quote on this, and if you're seeing my response, then the post button also worked... What browser are you guys with issues using, and did you clear the browser cache yet?
  17. The move was complete last night sometime (I was too tired to pay attention to the time)
  18. did anyone think to let ryddler know?
  19. Login at http://www.gamestock....php?task=login using your StarQuestClub.com login and challenge your fellow members here to some games! If I get some more free time I'll work on a set of leaderboards to display the top SQC players here, but don't hold your breath, just go play
  20. Didn't see the email notifying me that the chat room was expiring until a few days after it was due, so we lost a bit of functionality for a few days. Now we're renewed for another year, thanks in part to a timely donation Enjoy!
  21. I look it up online and order it to be picked up at the store, then I walk in and it's ready waiting for me. look it up here http://parts.starquestclub.com and also see if you can find it at a cheaper vendor first; there are over a million parts from several auto parts vendors in that search engine Either way, you find the number before you go in, and if you order from my link I'll get a little kickback. (shameless plug)
  22. let me take a shot at this... I'm never here (or am I?) but yet I'm still a moderator... Seriously, though, once a mod comes on board as a mod, there's no reason to remove them unless they ask to be removed. It's not like a term of office, it's more of a permanent lifestyle change (and anyone that has ever been a moderator can back me on this), because everything you do or say suddenly becomes under public scrutiny whether you like it or not. Regardless of whether they post in the public forums, they often pop in from time to time and offer opinions or conversation in the mods forums. As for the removal of posts discussing moderation topics and/or policies, it's simply not a topic for public discussion. Why? Because the mods have so much to hide? Not even close. It's taboo, because it inevitably ends up in finger pointing, screaming, yelling, TYPING IN ALL CAPS, and some reference to an ethnic group that may or may not allow you to have soup if you giggle in line. I, and the majority of people that I talk to, dont want or like to read all that crap, it's not what these forums are all about.
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