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  1. Yea I sent you a text Joseph. Yea if you all aren't busy this weekend we should meet up. Shoot me a text.
  2. yessir, well Which should i change first hell i guess i should just do it all.
  3. well it seems to do it mostly when cold an under boost above 4900 rpms.. almost like its misfiring... im running really rich also so its deft getting enough fuel i never lean out. I have the stock coil but not sure how good it still is. An someone had also said its my vacuum advance. I do have a small oil leack from the distributer. what do you think before i start taring things apart haha
  4. thats the first thing is getting it perfect. Its got 70000 or so on the motor and every single seal an line has been changed an new stg 3 clutch all new well everthing lol. port an polish head 274 cam new racing vavles and alot more .... so not much left i hope. haha It was running 17psi on the 16g an now i am at like 12psi on stock turbo. just the sputter is my issue and dont know what it is thanks for the tip on the filters ill take a look soon. http://s1229.photobucket.com/profile/kuhnniks there is plenty of pics haha
  5. Hey everyone I havent actually introduced myself. I'm Nick an I live in south fl. I've had my starion for about 8 months and been doing alot of work. kinda been getting screwed by the guy doing it but its whatever. I would like to meet some people down here with the starquest so if anyone is in the area hit me up. I do need help however i have a sputter when im on it around 4900 rpm not quite sure whats going on. its a stock 12a i had a 16g but that had gone bad along with everything else in the car haha. But i want to rebuild my 16g an i need to know whats good psi on the stock 12a and whats a good psi on 16g. those are just a few questions thanks...
  6. Hey everyone, I would like to set up some kinda meet in south Fl. Anyone from palm beach to mia. or even on the west coast. I would like to have this together in a few weeks, on a saturday afternoon. IF interested please pm me or shoot a text or call 561-714-9630. thanks Nick
  7. how much boost were or are you running with it?
  8. I have a really simple one that was homemade but im looking for a newer an nicer one. Any clues
  9. an by the way thanks for info
  10. well I need a new cartridge for it.. as well as seals an berings. where do i get that an if you were to do it for me how much to do it?
  11. Well i thought about that but don't know anyone who would or can. If you know someone or a place let me know
  12. Hey everyone, im looking for a new turbo like a 16g or 19c, my 16g went toi s*** an i now have the stock one in an would like to get another bigger turbo. Any info or suggestions plz let me know thanks..
  13. Every seal and hose has been changed bran new stg 3 clutch, racing valves, 274 cam port polish head from australia. all new springs inter cooler piping an short shifter. I had the steering box rebuilt new oil pump, turbo rebuilt. Body was sanded down and lights windows were taken out, 3 base coats 3 clear coats, rims were polished, and i can keep going. what else just let me know if intrested
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