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  1. I had a similar problem recently. My car has been sitting for about 4 years after blowing the motor. I finally got it running again. I wasn't seeing any fuel at the throttle body when jumping the fuel pump with the connection under the hood. I disconnected the lines from the tank and at the throttle body, then I was able to fill the lines with Seafoam and blow it through with compressed air. After that I reconnected the lines and set up a catch can under the hood and jumped the pump. Fuel came gushing out, so there was some sort of blockage that came loose from the compressed air and Seafoam. Might be something worth trying.
  2. I decided to replace the master cylinder. We reverse bled everything, and so far everything seems good.
  3. I'll try bleeding everything again and inspecting that cylinder.
  4. My car has almost no pedal pressure. I bled all 4 wheels and I was eventually able to get the air out, but for whatever reason I can't seem to get all the air out of the module on the passenger side under the hood. My friend and I spent about 15 minutes trying to get the air out, and we refilled the reservoir 2 or 3 times, but there is still air. I'm not noticing fluid anywhere, but my reservoir was empty when I first opened it up after sitting for 4 years. Any idea what might be causing this? I remember someone offered a kit to eliminate this, but I think that was quite a few years ago now.
  5. I have new filters on hand, but I want to get the old gas out before I install them. The car is getting put away for winter, but I will look into the checking the fuel pressure after it gets warm again.
  6. It looks like clogging was the issue. I tried jumping the pump yesterday and fuel immediately came out. I was able to get the car started, but I'll need to get the brakes sorted out and get tabs before I can go anywhere. It'll probably have to wait until Spring.
  7. I disconnected the line that connects to the pickup tube in the tank, so I was blowing air through the pump. For the return line I disconnected it at the tank and disconnected it from the throttle body and blew from the back of the car to the front.
  8. The fuel pump is an upgrade, but I bought it from CNM, so I think it was probably around 98 when it was replaced. I saw in the service manual they listed a block that you could attach to the throttle body to attach a fuel pressure gauge, but I wasn't able to find the part available anywhere. I'm guessing if I have someone jump the pump I should be able to feel some suction of I put my finger on the hose that connects to the pickup tube?
  9. I blew the lines out. I filled the lines with Seafoam and I'm going to let that sit for a bit. It seems like both lines had a little resistance when I started, but the high pressure line was a lot worse. I used a vinegar jug as a catch can. it worked out pretty well.
  10. I'll have to take a look. You get at that though the access panel in the trunk? It's so hard trying to work in that small area. I'm going to try blowing out the fuel lines tomorrow so I'll see if I can find it.
  11. I took the pickup tube out and inspected it today. I was able to confirm that none of the ports are blocked, I I think the filter is probably fine. Do you think it would be okay to disconnect the fuel filter under the hood, then shoot some compressed air through the line connected to the pump and see if anything comes out? I'm unsure if blowing air through the pump is a bad idea, but I have seen that suggested online for other types of cars.
  12. Here's the hose I disconnected. I jumped the pump with the connection under the hood for about 15 seconds, but nothing came out. Let me know if this is the wrong approach.
  13. I tried disconnecting the line at the pump, but I still didn't get anything out. I took off the driver's side rear wheel and there is a rubber line that connects to a metal line, and that's what I disconnected. What this where you were thinking I should check?
  14. I'm trying to get my car started after being down for 4 years, but I'm not seeing at fuel at the throttle body. I used the jumper on the passenger side engine compartment to test the fuel pump, and you can definitely hear it running. I removed the fuel filter and put the fuel line into a bucket and powered the pump for a minute, but nothing ever came out. What would cause this to not work? Is it likely that something is clogged? The tank is full of non-oxy gas that had Stabil in it, so I'm hoping it didn't completely turn into sludge in the 4 years that the car has not been running. Any input would be appreciated.
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