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  1. take your website and shove it up your ignorant tails !
  2. The FUTURE ! Once ya go flat ya dont go back !
  3. SOLD ./ pair of new never used black poly diff mounts $85 shipped plus Paypal fees.
  4. New and still in the box Mookie shipped it in $125.00 shipped plus Paypal fees
  5. Charles, i'm more than happy to answer all pm's and send pix through other means but thank you for your input.
  6. I have two Starquests that still have some good parts left on them , the 87 has heavy front end damage , pm me if you need anything before they go to the crusher , i need the space.
  7. ^ this ^ plus tie down all 4 corners , Texas law and the TX troopers are on the look out and will check,heavy duty straps and chains if possible.
  8. There is 'talk' of a fourth Las vegas West coast national event for 2015 to be held in Las vegas itself and not Mesquite , Nevada as the previous 3 in 2010,11 and 13 where held and likely it will happen, anyhoo back on the Texas meet subject.
  9. i think its the one newly listed on Ebay , black on black ,black tinted windows with black powder coated wheels , beautiful Conquest
  10. In before lock , Happy birthday Tye , another year closer to wearing red rubber flip flops . Ninja
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