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  1. Hello and welcome. Hubby and I are in Pigeon Forge. We each have an 87 fatty.
  2. Still nothing kid. But like I said we are using our phones for Internet so that may be the proem
  3. Ok kid but we are on our phones is what could be the problem
  4. Kidjc, that was for you not lidocaine .... I HATE auto correct lol
  5. Lidocaine, please let John and I know what you wanted to ask us because neither of us has gotten any kind of message from you. I would NEVER ignore you.
  6. Jeph_tsi, lol I don't think there would be a problem with my job there. Even, if I'm still there lol. Like you, I say we all stick together, after all, if it wasn't for the cars, most of us would never have met and John and I love each and everyone of our little gang. And miss you ALL.
  7. Now, we only suggested VL because, just like us, money is tight. And VL is WANTING our business, and is making promises to accommodate our club in anyway he can. He asks everyday if we are coming this year because he has heard how we were treated last year and cannot believe it. I agree the rooms may not be as clean, but I do not expect our little family to be talked about the way I had to sit and listen to the way Suzy talked about us all. It was totally uncalled for because of a little fun. She runs a motel, I'm sure a lot worse things have happened there that was a lot worse than a "firecracker". Not ONLY did she fire me, she even told the other employee's she caught texting me later not to be talking to me. Personally, I think being vindictive went far enough there! So, anybody that wants to stay at mtn. Breeze .... Wear it out. But, expect to be watched and hope you don't get the blame for something you didn't do when you leave.
  8. Ok everybody, 1st of all, YES, Suzy is a liar. Everything was fine with me working there until the night all of this happened, and the very minute I walked into the office that night for work she started screaming at me when I asked what was going on, that "my friends", was what was wrong throwing firecrackers on somebody's vehicle in the parking lot off a balcony. She absolutely DID say that next year she did not want us to come back she didn't care how many rooms we had, that we wasn't worth the trouble. She said that she should have listened to her husband that he didn't want her to take our club anyway. She also spent the night in the apartment upstairs of the motel that night just like Mikie said AND called downstairs and told me to go out and tell them to keep it down that they were getting too loud. " Which I never heard a peep anyway", she also said to me in the same conversation that it looks like if they paid for a room "they should be in it". Ms. Suzy Cambell also was raising Cain about somebody having a candle in theyer window and called the cops to patrol the parking lot that night because she said and I quote " I think that candle probably means there's a party later". Unquote. She was ranting and raving about there better not be no holes in the walls and she bet the place would be trashed the next morning. Anyway, after that night I dreaded going to work especially if her vehicle was in the parking lot. And it was one push after another everynight when I went in until the night she fired me.
  9. I mostly get, "wow thats pretty......what is it"
  10. Awh well congratulations, I know how I felt when I got my little house... A key is precious metal... make it a happy home.
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