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  1. Photobucket. The pics from the "Posting Pictures 101" thread I created were posted in 07(and 2 operating systems ago, lol) and are still there.
  2. WIX fuel filter for replacing the cone filter pre pump. It is the one Professor Quest recommended and I believe are now discontinued. $15 plus shipping I can throw in a set of 4 NGK 7031 plugs for $8 with no extra shipping Pics momentarily...
  3. Ive got a silver one in the exact condition you describe and will let it go for $20 + shipping. LMK
  4. I got a nice one. PM me and we can work out the details.
  5. ALL of the hardware that came with the addco bars was garbage. Buy a set of energy poly endlink bushings(the kind that only includes 8 bushings ~$13) and reuse the stock bolts and washers for endlinks. The body mounts were a bit more challenging(for anyone not having access to a cnc mill that is...) http://www.starquest...=81123&hl=addco With that said... you could try contacting them directly and there is a good possibility they will sell you the stuff outright.
  6. Well I believe the situation is under control. I'll update with pics when I can Thanks for reading.
  7. I swore Roberto moved but maybe I'm wrong. I'll send him a message.
  8. Looking at a full leather interior in Centennial and need it shipped to MN. The seller seems intimidated by packaging them up for shipment. I planned on paying a freight company for residential pickup and thought packing everything on a pallet with cardboard for protection and shrink wrap to hold everything together. I need someone trustworthy to pick the stuff up and put it together for shipment. Any chance anybody would be interested and able?
  9. Thanks for the replies everyone. Im trying to get my funds in order before I send anyone chasing around. I like the looks of this truck and I guess I am a sucker for an auto. It actually makes sense for my situation in case the gal ever needs to drive it. As far as I can tell, Alto makes some Red Eagle goodies for it so hopefully it will be stout enough for when it goes turbo. http://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/cto/4580872962.html
  10. Thanks for the response Taz. I'd never ask anyone to drive an hour . Can you send me a pm with his name to look him up on FB?
  11. I'm on the hunt for a mighty max and found one on Pittsburgh(Butler) Craigslist and wondered if there were any boots on the ground local enough for it to not be a huge pain in the rear. Thanks in advance!
  12. Good to hear from you as well and I'm always glad when I can possibly help. Be sure to update if you are able to get them from the dealership. Hopefully the still offer them and you can get a nice, crisp shifter.
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