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  1. Spring meet April 29th, 30th, and may 1st at the vacation lodge. This will be an extra meet for those who can't make it on July 4th.
  2. thanks tom. now that i have someone to cut them out i can make them any time.
  3. to all who bought a set of brackets, they are done and i have your addresses and they will be mailed out as soon as i can get them wraped up and in the packages.
  4. I just wanted to say that I did not know about this but I want to thank each one for the help. It's been a rough 6 months as we now have a 8 year old granddaughter to take care of and dee and I lost our jobs as well as one of our cars. I have found another job things are still pretty bad. Everyone here is like family and it is what sets this club apart from the rest. Thanks so much and God bless everyone. John.
  5. the pf-14 weekend meet dates are July 4th - 6th and the hotel we will be staying at is the VACATION LODGE 3450 PARKWAY PIGEON FORGE TN. 37863. THE PHONE NUMBERS ARE 1-800-468-1998 OR 865-453-2640 and tell Kathy that you are with the starquest club. prices for the rooms are (first floor) with one queen bed 75.00 per night. (second and third floor) with two queen beds 85.00 per night. if you want to arrive early or stay after the meet the price of the rooms will stay the same. free hot breakfast served every morning looking foward to seeing everyone there!!! !!! 1 .bigjohn - 4g63 quest 2. tsigal - quest
  6. Update the metal shop has caught up on their work and is going to re cut all my brackets. I will pick them up when they get them finished and drill and weld them and send them out. This will probably be the last that i will do. If you paid for a set and you do not want them let me know. When these 10 sets are gone i will not make any more. Sorry for the delay but i had to wait on the shop to re make them.
  7. Thanks jimmy the owner of the lodge said he would rope off part of the parking garage for us to sit and work on our cars if we need to.
  8. Well i have had all i can take of this so i have to put my 2 cents in. I was there that night and i was with jimmy i know what was said and what was threatened. Suzy is just telling a big fat lie. She told us who was on the black list and she was ready to call the cops on all of us. Furthermore after it was over and everyone had gone. She jumped on me and told me that we were NOT welcomed back then she fired my wife because of it. And as for jimmy he is a wonderful friend who is always willing to help anyone if he can. My wife and i will not bring our cars to the mountain thats just that we will be at the vacation lodge enven if i am by myself.
  9. I looked at the rooms today one bedroom on the bottom floor and a 2 bed o the second floor and they were clean and nice looked good to me. To get the price she quoted us you have to call do not use the internet to reserve a room. I will be there with jimmy and tom
  10. Ok let me explain about the mountain breeze so we can get past it.WE as a group are not welcome at the mountain breeze they do not want us back. That is that . I do live here so i do see all the places. the two big issues are visable parking and price. There are very few places that can accommodate our cars for the public to see. Second the price for the rooms will be over the 110 per night because of the holidays . We have a history with the vacation lodge that is why the price is what it is. I have not seen a room in 3 years but i can look tomorrow. With money tight i just think it is the logical choice my 2cents
  11. For those who dont know it was my wife who was working at the mountain breeze when all the drama wentdown and i will not go back there. The big problem with the vacation lodge was different prices for rooms and has promised it would not happen again also prise is a big thing it was 110 per night so 75-85 is a good deal + we are not in the room much anyway. I guess someone else will have to find a place but i will never set my foot on the mountain breeze again. John
  12. so some have been wondering what we were going to do about the pigeon forge meet for this July so I went back to the vacation lodge where we have had the meet in the past and talked to the front desk manager Kathy who has been there for over 30 years. She told me that they would love to have us back and she would give us a good rate and there are some other additions. so I will report you decide. 1. the rooms on the bottom floor (one queen bed) 75.00 per night. 2. the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor with a balcony (two queen beds) 85.00 per night. 3.doesn't matter what day you check in or check out you pay the same price (for those who come early or stay after the meet) 4. need to pay for the first night to hold a room. 5. they now have breakfast (biscuits and gravy, eggs, cereal, bagels, juice and coffee) 6. they have a file set up for starquest so you have to tell them to get that rate and the rooms will book fast because of the holiday. 7. the phone # are 1-800-468-1998 or 865-453-2640 and her name is Kathy. so there you have it and as far as my two cents goes I think it is a good deal. the rate is about the same as the mountain breeze + we have the parking garage to sit in or work on our cars if it rains. I think the big thing is that we as a group need to conduct ourselves in the right way for us to have respect and to show respect to the other guests as well as all of the people who come to look at our cars. if everyone likes this then it can be moved to the meeting planner and get this started and a roll call. thanks john.
  13. update on the brackets. the welding shop that did the work for me messed up all 10 sets the holes they drilled were not offset left to right or top to bottom which makes them useless. they even had one to go by so i don't know why they did what they did it. the metal shop has been closed (shut down) for the christmas/newyears break from the 24th of dec to jan 6. so when they reopen i will have them made again and i have brought my own welder so i will drill the holes and weld in the bolts myself. sorry for the mess but i will get them done as soon as i can get them re-cut
  14. Yes i got the money from those who paid. I took the brackets to a welder to have the bolts welded in place and he said he would work them in. I checked on them and he had not done them i will give him another day or so and if he has not welded them i will drive back to my home town and pick up my welder and do them myself. I still have 5 sets left on the first run. Thanks john
  15. Ok here is the paypal info. MsGhost_2000@yahoo. Com
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