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  1. Believe me,either you have a street car or a race car,you don't want to be without a heater. The heat from the engine bay,espessially in a stripped out car,will make the cars windshield,foggy in just a few minutes.And if that isn't enough,your breathing will do. Most race cars if they dont have a heater they use a heated front windshield,like we use for the rear ones. Since we cant even find stock front windshields youcan bet that there isn't anyone out there that can make one for our cars with a built in heat resistance. You can search on ebay,for aftermarket universal heat resistors that are glued in the glass used in older cars. Putting the windshield aside,you wont be able to use your car in winter time....if you haven't done it trust me its unbearable. Not wanting to elliminate my heater completely since i got rid of all the ac's components and using the non ac heater hose,i dismantled all of the heaters servos,shutted the unessecery holes and left only the ways i wanted the hot air to go...windshield and two side custom feet vents....so i have air through 2 ways. After that i used a dimmer to contor the fan and a simple manual water regulator found in toyota corollas that it was forced to fit lol. The weight of the heater and the fan,isn't worth scrapping just to save some kgr.You will make your car undrivable.....when it is drivable lol
  2. I have read and read and read again and again and things are surely very confusing and you can easily get to wrong answers and conclusions There are 4g63's and there 4g63's..don't get confused. There is the 6 bolt 4g63 that bolts right up with our km132 trans and can be found i older 2.0 ltr rwd cars or the euro spec starions and there are the 6bolt 4g63 which are used in the dsm's.In the first case when we are talking about a kit for the 4g63,its like we are talking about the 4g54 kit.Everything is the same.Starter,trans mount,slave master cylinders and although there are two different clutch kits (225 and 240mm) the flywheels diameter is exactly the same.With the help from a machine shop you can fit either clutch. Now when it comes to the awd or fwd dsm 4g63 platform,neither the awd nor the fwd flywheel are the same and although they bolt right in (in the crank that is) , the starter will not reach so it will not be able to turn the engine(always talking for the km132 stock bolting place). Surely there are many twin and triple disks set ups for the awd or the fwd 4g63's but their flywhhel doesn't fit.You must machine yours or built a new one from scratch (the machine shop that is) but the costs are going to be very big Also dont forget that every engine is balanced with its own flywheel-disk set up and when you go and change everything up(flywheels,no of disks,pressure plates etc),you mess with the balance of the rotation assembly.It would be a wise idea when you finish with your mock ups and see that everything works,that you atleast balance the flywheel with the pressure plate bolted on (the disks are not part of the rotation assembly but of the trans) since having the engine torned down woult be a new painfull and costly experience. So we must be more precise which parts we are reffering too I have also spent thousands and lost days and days back and forth,listening to people in the web only to find out the hard way that it was all crap.. The only r&d i trust is mine.But that came from alot of work and even more mistakes
  3. If i am not mistaken,s13 and s14 all come with std oil pump and cooler for their rear diff.. Why don't you try and find something from a pick and pull yard? I don't think it can get cheaper than that and if you manage to find a car and take out the whole assembly,thigs would be a lot easier... You will see how it works and make it happen easilly in you diff
  4. are you sure about that????? If the trans already mates to the 6g72 then why turbo addict went to all that trouble with bill to built an adaptor for using an auto on his swap??? Bill already has adapters for the wide block hence km132 bolt pattern..they could have used a t56 or a th350-400 for that swap.. Then ....i might be wrong
  5. If you can accept advice,although your build is incredible,tube your front arches especially in the front section. If you want this to be a drift car,you'll see i hope not too late,that you will not be able to run bigger tyres or wheels and you will not be able to increase your stering ancle without hitting almost everything....also use a big big hammer to avoid cutting (not that is a problem with the root you are going lol) the rear section of the front arches....the wheel will most certainly catch somewhere inside and surelly you will damage your tyrew if you dont hack the inner steel used to hold the plastic inner arch Just my 2 cents
  6. What are u going to do now that you cutted the firewall with the new drift regs? Is cutting the whole trans tunnel and floor allowed? You machinist is doing one hell of a job,i really admire all the fab work done to your car Its going to be a great street-track car but i don't know if they'll allow you to run with the bigger classes Either way,keep up the inspirational work
  7. Any updates on this my friend?
  8. Phil.. this post is the first one that comes up when you google it.. It was the first info i had on this car but that must be at its early stages...g54 and all. From then it must have a 4g63 and lots and lots and lots of hp.Somewhere there was a mention for 1200hp.... I found more videos on their facebook page and the best 1/4 is 8,1 :o :o Unbelievable car
  9. welcome.. i also would like piccies if its possible.. good luck with your projects
  10. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ariel-Performance/523299611104684?sk=photos_stream&ref=page_internal ok stop the war now and see the link i discovered.. it seems that my phone refused to make the link but i was able from my home pc.. So now that we have the piccies do we know any more about this car?
  11. thanks for the replies guys....i didn't know eddie's was mini tubed...being in the other side of the world isn't the best thing when it comes to knowing who does what... The thing is that this car is involved in drag racing as we speak...most of his videos are from 2014,so i must be another car....
  12. thought so myself ...just didn't want to argue with anyone... if i remember correctly eddie here is u2slow.... he's been running a 4g63 long time now and he is with the factory rear set up (in theory lol) this car from what i found out searching,is running a ford 8.8 no tubs though anyone else?
  13. Recently there was a picture uploaded on ig from starquestclub showing a starion doing a wheelie on the starting line.. After a quick search i found that this starion/conquest belongs to ariel rivera or ariel performance or AJ Racing... I don't have a facebook account but by logging in from a friend's page,there wasn't much info or pictures.Youtube has some videos but only from a couple of runs on the drag strip From the color i don't think it's Eddie riviera's one Someone wrote on the comments that it is a 1200hp 4g63 one.It surely is a 9 sec car.Auto and probably ladder rear end or something like that... Does anyone has any info about this car?Engine specs,pics,set up,general info???? Thank you
  14. Contact member named "mech" He is one hell of a guy and he helped very very much with my build although he didn't know me at all He is recently swapping a toyo v8 into his widebody. Lots of experience with our cars...
  15. pedestrians........watch out rolling barbeque......lol great job man. was that a 2step or just the rev limiter?
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