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  1. I sent you a pm ages ago asking about how to get a replacement rubber piece (that wraps around the edge of the V3 splitter). I'm still interested in ordering a replacement part.
  2. He's got support while he is here in Tucson
  3. Thanks guys! Been really busy here and not much time to get on boards or even do much with the car. Hope all is well with everyone, Tim.
  4. Sorry Paulie, that was not my intent whatsoever. I saw your post stating you had too much invested and I just wanted to share that you could get cards redone cheaply if that was what was holding you back. My intent was only to be helpful and offer a solution to something I thought you were presenting as a barrier, that's all.
  5. cards are cheap on something like vistaprint. You're talking twenty bucks. One lost haul due to the email inference could cost you that I bet.
  6. I have a stock one from a parts car that I'd sell for 25 and shipping, but not sure if it works. Is there a way to test it by hooking up to the battery directly?
  7. Congratulations to Sam (ConquestTSIguy) and Deandra for their newest family member, Mia Jewel Baker! http://i.imgur.com/0cMWqj0.jpg?1 (Baby at 2 1/2 hours of age) Love you both! (not so much for you, Sam )
  8. I have been reading it is a free upgrade for just about anything other than Windows RT or Windows XP/older. That said, it's only a free upgrade for 1 year and after that you would have to pay 120 or 200 bucks for home or pro versions. Release date July 29th.
  9. It was back in 1991, but I got pulled over in Plantersville area by DPS for no front plate and ticketed. Not a technicality back then.
  10. The theory behind Win8 was to make a universal OS that was seemless between tablets, smart phones, and desktop/laptops. They continue to push this concept and there is much effort out there to get android apps to run on PCs but so far there has been no solid "universal operating system" that crosses platforms successfully.
  11. I still have the set you messaged me about earlier.
  12. I have some in my stash somewhere. I will look for them when I have an opportunity later today.
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