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Any meets in socal? Im new...

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LOL... ok, I found the real guys, not the wanna be's as I was talking about previously.






:hmm3grin2orange: Dude, it's tough getting StarQuest folk together in these parts. You'd think in a big ole metropolis it be a snap gathering SQ enthusiasts, but you literally have to dangle an apple in front of them to get them to go anywhere.

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Alright guys so we've finalized everything for the dyno day so here's to our first dyno day! Gonna be dyno'ing cars, grilling up some food, having a little car show, maybe even a dj...it's gonna be a good time. Don't miss out! Will be $50 for 3 pulls on our 2wd dyno. First 5 people to register will get discounts off their pulls!! Food and drinks will be provided, just come out and have a good time! Anyone is welcome, we love all kinds of performance here!


We will also be doing some dyno competition for those of you who want to show some other guys what's up. If you want to be in the competition it will be another $5 or $10 depending on how many people are in the class, to give the winner a nice cash prize!


Dyno Competition Classes:

-American N/A

-American Boosted

-European N/A

-European Boosted


-JDM Boosted


We can add or change different dyno classes depending on the people coming so feel free to make suggestions!




Unchained Motorsports

973 N. Batavia St.

Orange, CA 92867



Sunday July 20th at 9:30 AM

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we should try and do a supercar sunday meet in Canoga Park at the mall, happens every weekend but the 1st sunday of everymonth is the best. Amazing cars, always a great show.


That one is at least closer than all the others posted. I may go to that one. I'm just waiting on $ so I can tune and register my SQ.

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SEP 11,2014

BigBoyThursdays feat. Mitsubishi Night



Thursdayat 7:30pm


Bob's Big Boy Broiler, Downey, California

7447 Firestone Blvd, Downey, California 90241


BigBoyThursdays presents Mitsubishi night!!


Awarding the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place for the best Mitsubishi of the night.


Simply by showing up to Bob's Big Boy Broiler this Thursday starting at 7:30pm


Must present receipt from Bob's Big Boy Broiler dated that day or $2 entry to enter car show

Driver must drive a Mitsubishi

One driver per entry












As Always.....


No Hooning • No Drama • No Disrespect • Say Hi to Everyone!!


All about that #cleanridesandgoodvibes


Every AWDsome Lifestyles event is family friendly, bring the kids!



(We Have PD's Blessing and we Want To Keep It That Way)


Look out for Nissan/Infiniti/Datsun Night coming soon!

OPEN INVITE Follow the #lifestylemovement™


Follow us on

Instagram @AWDsome_Lifestyles

Twitter @AWDsomelife


If you have any ideals, suggestions, comments, or feedback, email us info@AWDsome-Lifestyles.com


AWDsome Lifestyles proudly supports K.R.O.P.S


Keeping Racing Off Public Streets

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