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Drop-in OEM Radio Upgrade


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Posting this here as an FYI since searching for the part number yielded no results.

For those of you who don't know, there were quite a few Mitsubishi models from the early 90s (Eclipse, 3000gt, Galant, etc and their USDM rebadges) that were shipped with radios that just so happen to fit perfectly in our Starquests, all that's needed to bolt them in is to swap the mounting brackets over and they're plug-n-play.
While my stock radio worked, it couldn't hold memory for more than 2 minutes without power, so I sought a replacement.
The radio I ended up buying came out of a 91-93 3000gt, part number MB629139. I had heard this radio was rare as it was a really expensive option back in the day, but I found one for sale on Ebay so I snagged it. As soon as I got it hooked up everything worked, even sounded noticeably better. Below are some pictures prior to install for reference.
For the record, I paid over $650+ for the unit, but it appears this one was refurbished, and these don't exactly grow on trees, so I'm not too mad about it.

Picture of the face. Note how it says "CD" in the corner above the aux jack. The later versions of this radio (94+) look nearly identical, but they will say "AUX" there, and won't work in ours as I think they require an external amp to work properly, which is denoted by a big round circular plug connection in the back of the unit. I believe those also lack the plug for our steering wheel controls.

Picture of the part number sticker

Comparison of our stock (left) and the newer (right) units from the back. Note that my stock unit still had it's mounting brackets on here

And here it is installed. My camera's low-light mode doesn't do the screen justice; it's way clearer in person and the glare is nowhere near as bad


Feel free to post any other radios/part numbers that also work in our cars. I know this isn't the only model.

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Steering wheel controls do work.  I don't remember exactly how i connected them, but they do.  I think i used small female spade terminals

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