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Welcome back sqc

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Crazy how SQC went down right as I started looking for starquest stuff again, after many years.

Glad that it's back. It has been many many years since I've seen one on the road, in the wild.

If anyone knows where I can find a widebody shell / roller, please let me know. I'm in the southeast.


Here's my heap of junk 83 when it was semi-running.



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Checking back in. Anyone here remember me? 

Anyone still remember the folks: G54Bstore (I want to say his name was Brian and in Florida),  DeezNuts (i believe his name was Darryl?), tsiconquest88 (Joe)

Pure_Insanity (Grant) and this other dude not sure if he was on here, but another GA member named or nicknamed "Johnboy".

If anyone knows if they're still around lmk, Also if you know them, tell them I said what's up.


Also figure I should share a pretty awesome pic from a few years ago here in ATL.


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DeezNuts aka Daryl is still around. I saw him at the PF meet this year. Jonboy aka Jonathan Burgess on Facebook is around but doesn't post often. Pure_Insanity aka Grant Barnes lives in Lawrenceville and touches base every now and then.


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