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In Topic: CLUTCH recommendation

16 March 2019 - 12:37 AM

quite a few members posted good results on SQC with low priced XTD clutch on moded starquests. Search it?

Here was a very popular SQ source back in the day:  https://www.clutchci...shi_starion.htm
. lotsa good feedback on the Luk, Valeo, Exedy, Daikin

dunno if the compound dictates clutch characteristics more than whether or not it's a puck design
Popular exedy 3 puk(sprung) found on a bunch of moded street sr20 & ca18s imports. Drives like oem

the magic is in the formula. No need for that stiff sprung garbage or hefty price tag

In Topic: Cx racing turbo

08 March 2019 - 05:02 AM

ton of info online of folks running ebay turbos. Some even live long @ 30-35psi
G54 oil pressure spikes known to kill real garret turbo seals... so I'd restrict

Seen very experience oldschoolers use a vice grip to 'carefully pinch down' the side of steel oil feed line
Not exacting, but worked for years. No need for all that braided oil feed line crap, oem style outlast cars.

here is a corolla clubmember take on his china GT35. Restrictor size in comments iirc.
His stock 4AGE head/1.8 street corolla @30-35psi. Dyno'd 530+hp at the tires a while back

turbolab has a video of them modding a china turbo with real garret chra, for reasonable cost as well

any project thread of your truck ?

In Topic: Starion distributor wiring

04 March 2019 - 10:03 PM

The 2300 sounds basic and exactly like the earlier $150 Megasquirt ecus folks diy built
Could do fuel-only/stock distributor or add timing control via a inexpensive 7-pin GM module
No need for big ol bulky clumsy unreliable overpriced MSD crap


I didn't see anything like that available for the Starion though, it looked like most people are just running the stock distributor?
then u got some reading to do. Imagine it, and the 2.6 has run it. Megasquirt being the weapon of choice
Plug n play, TBI, MPI, crank and/or crank trigger, coil pack, coil-on-plug, remote tune from thousands of miles away, etc
U name it.... reasonable pricing too, and the cherry on top is a starquestclub member that can 'squirt' it any way u like :D

In Topic: Starion distributor wiring

04 March 2019 - 08:23 AM

this may help

what 'triggers' your 2300 ?  u may still need a 4pin HEI or somethin, to fire the coil
what r u doing for fuel injector & manifold ?
stock TBI is decent, simple & 300hp capable. U got big hp plans ?

In Topic: Caravan intake MPI conversion???

01 March 2019 - 08:41 AM

and turbocraft29 did his almost 10years before yours
Detailed on his geocities webpage ~2002ish
He adapted the ford probe/mazda mx6 distributor as well, so his G54 was managed by mazda electronics
Basicly adapted cheap-free plentiful parts and wound up with a MPI g54, way back when MPI was rare and a hot topic
If u search these boards u can still find some details of how & what it cost him