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In Topic: K20 - build

16 October 2018 - 07:15 PM

good move with the LS for your situation
I'm no LS fan, but that turbo makes effortless tq... too much for the 315 tires imo. Car skates all over the road
Underhood too cramped also. No pleasure working on that. Truck motor is heavy too (I moved it out the way while on the ground)
I'd much prefer a rwd 4g63 starquest

He mentioned HPtuners pros n cons, but passed on it
Recently he tuned a DSM with some $50 plastic box junkyard mitsu ecu. Made up an adapter harness.
Bought some inexpensive program.... think he said "ecu flash"? & "evoscan"?
Anyway that seem to excite him more than anything... even the popular(& considerably costlier) DSMlink.
Says I need to "get some" - lol

In Topic: K20 - build

15 October 2018 - 11:11 PM


How much are you paying for a BRAND NEW OEM injector or igniter from Mitsubishi?  
many years ago folks shared their TBI 'other' injector swap, source & how to. Some offered kits
OEM mitsu ignitor ? Is a $20 GM hei 4-pin module substitute not good enough for you ?
Lack of options is the BEST thing that has happened for the starquest, from my perspective... it breeds solutions like these


Hey, any engine management is gonna be $$$$.  He couldve just as easily tuned the factory PCM with HPtuners or EFI live, both of which wouldnt need any modifications to the existing harness.  Either way, its gonna need tuning time paid for.  What management are you going to run with your MPI?
Atomic was just under $2400. Any management does not cost that! Nonsense
After 'auto-tune' he got on it a bit, then smelt a strange odor. Pulled over, cast manifolds were glowing red in daylight, had melted the power steering reservoir to the brink of rupture... that would have been exciting entertainment, courtesy of a $2400 ecu
Thing is I've seen this guy install/tune sds, haltec, microtec, AEM, etc... I asked him if he was nutz, buying that pos
For the starquest, what better scenario could you have than a resident clubmember ecu guru, R&D and support ? Show it to me
Look at all the testimonials of the happy campers launched off his platform... quickly AND for a reasonable price, lotsa configurations


Also, the K series motors have no issue moving cars with similar weight as ours.  3300lb Accords and TSXs are both powered by K24s and move just fine.  Manual TSXs are 6 speed though, so gearing plays a big part.  Stock bottom end, pump gas, turbo K24s are also known to make 400hp+  on just 10psi too
Nobody modifying factory turbo cars, is interested in 'degrading' its performance down to "moves just fine", like an Accord or TSX
As much of a fanboy as u r flying the K24 banner.... u don't even believe the crap you spout, or else you would have pony'd up with that $8000+ swap. Why didn't you ? End of story :D


All depends on your goals with the car.  Mild/fun street car and lower budget?  Stick with the G54.  Big power G54?  How long before you break that KM132?
A herd of TBI bolt-ons gone 13s, the quicker hi 12s. MPI into 11s & 10s. U want a "quick" street car or "big power" ?
Keep modding anything you'd find it's limits. Part of the game. Nothing to do with a G54 perse

In Topic: K20 - build

11 October 2018 - 07:58 PM

TC, I think u missed the point.
Did a parts breakdown of that example, showing how a G54 build can come out way cheaper by comparison


Pistons for the Miata can be had cheaper than what FM sells them for. What are the options for the G54? Just one brand?
1. Stock... if still good. Seen one car dyno'd 400hp. Stopped because owner was more than happy with performance... who knows their limit?
2. NPR cast just mentioned. If they stand up to that sorta DSM punishment, I would not hesitate to run 'em.
3. Wiseco
4. ACL cast inexpensive replacements ran in a few powerful G54s on sigma-galant
...and there r more. How many 'options' does one really need ?

Friend just let a few guys have turns taking his turbo LS girl for a twirl. Forgot to turn on the meth kit. Hotlapping= rings broke pistons
Took him THREE tries to get the correct replacement pistons/rings... for a freakin Chevy Avalanche 5.3
His MSD Atomic standalone was expensive too (a few years back). I guess that's what "tons of options" can get you

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11 October 2018 - 07:35 PM


In Topic: K20 - build

11 October 2018 - 08:16 AM

u got a good plan, and looks like miatas r your happy zone

....and since some like to sing how expensive g54 modding is..... let's compare that lightweight monster miata posted
custom exhaust manifold + standalone + gearbox adapt, cost the same
intake manifold; he grafted on a $450 edelbrock B-series for hi rpm
    g54 grafts on a $50 mazda intake (i chose fwd sr20, as ports line up too). No need for hi rpm, when u got 4-500 ft lbs tq
connecting rods: mazda 1.6/1.8 guys will tell u about their limits
    g54 needs no stinkin upgrade rods for 95% of us, proven
pistons: flyin miata wiseco $850
    g54 dads wiseco $550 PLUS, do we even know 54 oem piston limits?? Also NPR offer $150 cast replacement. Some DSMs run $100 NPR past 500hp, 35+psi. I'm told NPR made original DSM slugs
valvesprings: flyinmiata $470 set of 16. G54 needs 8
Don't forget that $300 oil pump & $500 damper ...and it goes on

get your calculator :D