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  1. This is all I can get at the moment. I'm outside of Sacramento Ca.
  2. Hey all it has been a long time since I have been here. I'm placing my motorcycle up for sale. I'm selling it because I am having hand issues that are keeping me from enjoying it like I used to. In case you don't know this is a V-Twin. I'm asking $4500. Comes with extra goodies. Custom paint. Billed upper triple clamp. Billed brake and clutch pots. Braided brake and clutch lines. Carbon windscreen. Carbon hugger. FP short levers. UFO tail light. Carrozzeria wheels. Clear clutch cover. I know I'm forgetting things. You get the idea. I don't want to trade. Selling only. For some reason I can't get the pics to load. I'm working on it.
  3. Car is sold. I am sad to see it go. I put a lot of myself into it. Now on to my next adventures.
  4. Here in Ca the build parties are done with. DOJ has been shutting places down. Now they are working to trying to ban home builds. Gotta love this state. Not really.
  5. The tank is not difficult to drop. Just don't cut a hole in your trunk and do it that way.
  6. I have a stock 1g bov on mine. I am using an accordian hose off of a 88-89. I am routing it into the bottom outlet on the accordian. My car is a 87 so I don't need the little valve thingy that is on the 88-89 cars. I have it mounted to hard pipes.
  7. The car has been to Mesquite. Very road worthy.
  8. BSE, I don't recall what pistons I put in but they are not forged.. Bored 10 over. Basically stock rebuild. I did put head studs in. Running 10lbs boost. Nothing crazy. I don't drive it really hard.
  9. I'm giving the car away. I know the resale on our cars isn't the greatest. I would like to get more out of it but I don't think it would happen.
  10. I'm putting my car up for sale. I have been getting a muscle car itch for a while and have deceided to get one. The only thing is, I have to get rid of one car to get another. I will not part a perfectly good running car. The paint is peeling of the flat surfaces. A few door dings. Interior is in good shape. I would be open to a trade. No rust buckets or projects that are torn apart. Complete cars that run and drive. The trade I am open to is a 68-72 Nova. Preferably with a manual transmission. I am offering my car up for $3000. That will include a lot of extra stuff I have collected for a while. The car will pass CA smog. I won't smog the car til it sells. This is what is on the car. I'm probably forgetting a few things; 88-89 ECU. Rebuilt engine. I have to find the paper work to verify mileage, maybe 20k? K*M radiator with silicone hoses. Silicone heater hoses. 52mm throttle body, intake opened up. 14b turbo and 14b comp housing. Walbro fuel pump with new filters. Marnal head with stock sized valves. Mistubishi valve cover. Hard pipes with 1g bov recirculated. K&N air filter. Battery relocate, Oddessy 925 dry cell. A/C removed, removed the a/c box inside the car. Duct in place of the box. All lines removed. A/C control relocate under the radio. Cobalt gauges, boost in place of stock boost gauge. Oil press, coolant temp, and narrow band put where the a/c control head was. Wideband installed. SLC if I remember correctly. All Alpine sound system, 6 1/2 coaxial in doors, 6 1/2 componet in rear, 10" sub in custom box, Mono amp for sub, and 4 channel amp for speakers. Short struts with Ground Control sleeve coilovers. MR2 strut inserts. Ride is good. Firm not jarring. TSW Cadwell 18" wheels. 8" front, 9 1/2" rear. Spacers on the wheels. Speedo is accurate. Tires are really good shape. Nikofab rear spoiler with "turbo" and "tsi" stickers. Motocam air diffuser and hood struts. Rebuilt fuseable link box. GM alternator. Mookeeh gauge overlays. Some extras I have. I know there is more that I am forgetting. 88-89 ECU. 88-89 knock box 87 knock box. 2 of them. Insturment cluster. Factory intake piping. A pillar moldings. Header panel. Control arms front and rear. 240 SX engine horns welded to a starquest crossmember. 240 SX hub bearings. New from Nissan. 240 SX lower control arms. 240 SX knuckles. 240 SX strut housings. Tops cut off for strut insert. I have tops to weld on with a removeable gland nut off of a Supra. 300ZX rotors. Turned. 300ZX brake calpiers, rebuilt. The larger piston calpiers. I forget what the size is but it is the ones that everyone wants.
  11. Thanks all. It was a little extra special day. I got some billet bits for the motorcycle. Now to find time to install them.
  12. My Pathfinder has bumpers that are a tad thicker than the fenders. I pulled the bumper and welded some square stock to the bumper for reinforcement. While the bumper was off I stripped the paint off and resprayed them black. I made a small push bar also. I'm waiting for some hid fog lights to go on sale. Then attach them to the bar. I still have to pull the rear bumper and paint it.
  13. I really wish I could have made it. Sotty does a lot to make it happen. Too bad there won't be another Mesquite. Thanks for posting up the pics. It's nice to see a bunch of our cars still going, and going strong.
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