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  1. Looking for aftermarket ovc pipe and bov.
  2. Looking for an OVC Pipe an blowoff Valve. Anyone with one let me know.
  3. Looking for ovc pipe and bov.
  4. Looking for ovcp and bov. Any chance you want to sell one?
  5. Looking for ovcp and bov. Any chance you want to sell one?
  6. Looking for ovc pipe and bov.
  7. How does it run with mas unplugged. Also check black box do you have an extra to swap out. Next your altitude sensor mounted on your firewall. And of course you soldered your inj clips
  8. Sorry to see it go Josh would you know I'm right behind you just got to get my smog just no more fun in Calli we don't get to do the things that all the other places get to
  9. nelly86


    Thanks Niko everything is working out fine love my spoiler wish I can get another one for my other quest but I think I'm going to trade it or sell it but thanks for the great job you did
  10. Love the last ones. I'm just saying. Great job still get compliments
  11. I have a tep one without sensor. Would b looking to trade. It also has bung for BOV.
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