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  1. BuzzKill

    Once upon a time

    This Conquest was wrecked by my ex-wife. Need I say more?
  2. 3 different people showed up and took everything. Glad to know that the parts are going to people who will use them.
  3. I've got a bunch of parts left over from my previous StarQuest days. I have an 87 manual transmission, 3 (possibly 4) OEM rims, a hood (plain one, not an '83, sorry), a steering column, 2 burgundy/maroon velor seats, and some other misc. parts. I don't have the time or inclination to ship them, but will give them away (FREE) to anybody that'll come pick them up (in Costa Mesa, CA). They need to be picked up by no later than June 27th, 2010. Otherwise I'll have to just toss 'em, which would be a shame. Contact me through the site and we can make arrangements!
  4. Nope, a gallery can hold more than one photo. Other registered members (not available if not logged in) can give it a 1-5 rating and also add a comment. Check out the members ride section and click on any of the thumbnails, you can rate or comment on each picture.
  5. That function is already in the gallery. A person can upload their car pic to the members rides gallery and folks can rate or comment on them (see below the image).
  6. The big issue with that is who will pay for the bandwidth and webspace? The site doesn't bring in a ton of money, in fact, I'm sure it just barely pays for itself at this point. If cost weren't an issue, I'm sure ryddler would do it.
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  10. A picture says a thousand words and we got 2 pics! I've done this on 3 cars so far. I'm not sure everyone wants to dare have their significant other help them with this one, though. The easiest time was when I had 2 guys push up the hatch, one on each corner. There was no doubt in my mind it was aligned the first time. There are rubber pads between the hatch hinge and the roof of the car that might have become somewhat stuck. You'll have to wiggle/shove the hatch a few times to get them to release so the hatch will slide back into position.
  11. K, I'll end the irony of this post not getting a response. ;D This is mainly ryddler's forum, meaning most of what's posted here is only stuff ryddler has any control of. From time to time he's asked for our (the mods) opinions on an idea posted here, but it's been awhile since the last time. So don't think you're being ignored, it's just that the mod team (and even Ernie and myself who have additional admin abilities) usually doesn't have the ability or even the authority to make any changes. If there's enough interest and it's something that's able to be done within reason, ryddler usually makes it happen. Hopefully that helps folks understand how the system sorta works.
  12. Originally posted by mikec on 4/11/04: Mitsu was constantly playing with the logic, equations, and curvefits (data tables) in StarQuest ECUs. For most years, the injector pulses occur once every "X" MAS pulses, where X is based on all the other sensors. The length of the pulse is also dependent on the other sensors. Without the MAS, the ECU can only assume certain things based on RPMs and TPS position, and the boost pressure sensor on the 86-earlier cars. In theory it has enough for a basic speed-density system but, until 86, Mitsu didn't really tune it much at all. Before 86, the limp-home stuff was basically enough to literally limp home... not really enough for the car to run right. In 86 Mitsu tried all sorts of stuff. In 86, Mitsu apparently played around with a speed-density type of setup, at least as the MAS-inop limp-home mode. That's why some 86s seem to run half-way decently without the MAS - it depends on what month a particular 86 ECU was built. Few 86s without the MAS however run perfectly... hesitation on mashing the throttle, excess fuel during part-throttle cruise, etc. In limp-home mode, Mitsu sacrifices fuel economy and emissions to some extent; the default limp-home mode is generally waayy rich for engine safety. Even in the later years Mitsu kept monkeying with ECUs; that's partly why some 88/89 cars boost cut at different RPMs. In 87, Mitsu deleted the boost pressure sensor completely so all the speed-density limp-home stuff ended up in the trash. Note too that in the 85/86/87 timeframe Mitsu re-did several of their cars, including the Colts, to have a Starion-like throttle body injection system. Engineers concentrated on making regular mode (i.e. not the limp-home) equations/curves/tables for all the other cars... as opposed to spending time fine-tuning limp home modes. Since the MAS is the main input to the ECU, a dead MAS pretty much keeps the car from starting/running. Except for some 86s. mike c.
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