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  1. ill take my model 12 trench gun for home defense... hold the trigger down and pump away, i cant imagine a fully auto shotgun would be faster... that being said ive been looking at 410 uppers for the AR..
  2. that picture is at least 10 years old... it may pretty hard to track down the owner from that picture at this point
  3. definitely a 2.6 shelby..lol, i havent forgotten everything the new motor is a g54b so not a narrow i just wanted to put out a feeler to cover all bases... every bit of my 14 years experience with the g54 is conquest turbo related. I plan on putting the race motor out of the tsi with the MPI junk on it this summer but i want to play in the snow and the 2 hours to replace the entire motor for a fresh rebuilt one is the way to get there for now. BTW the mightmax macrocab with 4.22 gears and mud terrains is the best snow play toy ive ever been in. thanks!
  4. on my side of the county tonight on the way to work it was just "wet" by the time i got 8 miles to work it was pure ice. With the cts-v in third gear and no gas it was engaging the traction control and stability control due to tire spin... now i know why they put 14.8 inch rotors and 4 piston brembos on the back or at least im glad the cars computers know how to use them properly..lol
  5. I found an NA engine rebuilt for my truck and it says cannot exceed 5/86 production... my truck is an 88. To my knowledge they are all the same and this is incorrect. Enlighten me on the differences if there are any. The price is to good to pass up i couldnt get the machine work done and assemble myself for less. If anyone else wants to help please do... if you are guessing please dont reply to this thread.
  6. first part... most of the wealth in this country came from someone that built it and passed it down or from an innovator that was determined and hard working enough to bring something new and useful to market. Smart investment in companys that are run efficiently by hard and focused labor force (both in suits and those in boots) no doubt.... second part...CEO's are generally voted on by a group of people that believe in their ability to lead a company from a proven track record (track records are built from hard work). third part... i never made any claim to being in any "class" and my living isnt set on the extra hours they are just what i have to do as part of my requirements. My state of life has come from working hard, making sound decisions, taking prudent risks and making certain sacrifices that were required to meet my goals. My quality of life doesnt depend on any self proclaimed "class"... nor do i care what the income seperation is between classes. Fact: Corporate money has to trickle down... the burger flipper should only make a small percentage of what the guy responsible for the entire vision and return of a company does. Keeping in mind entry level positions are entry level the ones that are determined to move up and are prepared to do what it takes to accomplish this generally do.
  7. Chip... i feel the majority of the problem isnt what "they" require the rich to pay but who in fact they want you the public to believe the rich are. I am in fact no where near being "rich" but according to these fancy charts that get published i am... Note: Expendable income/ asset base make you rich, therefore someone that makes half as much as the top earner and has no debt is in fact more "rich" than the other. Using this logic you would think in terms of federal revenue they would want to tax what you own and what you have more so than what you "earn"... i dont support this (im a flat tax guy and completely debt free) but using the "logic" based on "wealth" that is the anwser.
  8. cool to each their own for sure, where i ride 180hp at 13,000 rpm would be a waste. If you ever ride down in VA give me a shout
  9. Edde... i have to admit something. I have a top 5% IQ and have no idea what "distribution of wealth" means. The word distributed means according to definition #1. Give shares of (something); deal out. The term distributon of wealth is a manufactured item that not even hints at the term "Earned" definition 1.Obtain (money) in return for labor or services: "earns his living as a truck driver". Somewhere along the way 99% of those that have "it" got "it" from good hard work... it wasnt "given" it was "taken" and the weapon they (most) used to take it with was good ole honest working their butt off. I make a very nice living but i am required to work as much as 1100+ hours more than the US average... yeah thats right i work 6months more than average in a years time. I would imagine even that pales in comparison to the upper 3% earners that are just a little more motivated than i am.
  10. i like the first editions to i have my eye on a haga 2003 and an nc30
  11. amen to the amen.... there is a since of entitlement that comes with government backed programs that niether the US or the europeans can afford. There is no substitute for good honest effort, prudent risk and thinking ahead. If you are motivated, reasonably intelligent, have a skill set (and/or education in a profitable field), have a good sense of self perspective(what you are truly capable of) and are willing to relocate if necessary you will do well in this country.
  12. extremely low mileage and tuned (suspension for my body wieght and riding type and engine via power commander/dyno for a flater mid range because im a mountain rider not a straightaway blaster) for just over 10k. You can find stock normal mileage clean examples for 7000-8500 all day if your interested in a "factory" or a normal rsvr for a little less than that. If you like top end power you can get a new last year model cbr1000rr for about the same money. Italian bikes are love'em or hate em.
  13. 2004 Aprilia RSVR factory (naga and edwards signature, full ohlins suspension)
  14. 1996 Ducati 900ss (966 pistons 12to1 compression, st cams, 41 FCR crbs etc...)
  15. I got some pretty cool "stuff" but i have to say spending time with my brother i havent seen for over a year, my pops, step mom, sister, my baby niece and brand new nephew are the best gifts i could have. Looking forward to flying up to wisconsin thursday to spend time with my girl before she deploys to Iraq.
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