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  1. Phil, Good day friend, Can you still get the TR intakes? I want two or three of the TR intakes. I Know what they say it does not fit in the Starion, But in the Mighty Maz pickup it does. I live in Miami, FL 33029. Let me know the cost and shipping included. I have paypal account verified. I been looking for some one who can help get these bad boys inlets. Thanks Carlos @ TURBOCRAFT
  2. As long as the shafts are in good condition. it's ok to upgrade to 16G. New bearings, compressor wheel and balanced
  3. Starquest friends I'm been a member since 03 I own several Starions & Quests. My first was in 93 when I was in High School. I solds turbos in the past through My good Friend Charles. Back in 93 at the corner of my house is a church i would see a Black Starion w license plate Ru4JES. One friday evening I finally pulled up behind the car at a light. You know What happen next I took OFF I'm in third, 80 on my speedo and then I hear the sound of his turbo blowing me by like I was just standing still. My Jaw drop.Mine you this is 93 very few companies were upgrading ours cars back then. He Had a cam, 16G with a TD06 back wheel I know nobody had that set up back then.i was looking to upgrade my starion through is knowledge on starions and turbos I was drawn in more for this cars .He was in the turbo business for Diesel and Marine he left to become a Pastor. He is back working with Mikes Turbo to expand the Diesel and Marine market and off course I asked him about good prices for our Starquest. So long story short all stock center housing as long there is no damage to the Compressor wheel or shaft $250.00 plus Shipping It takes about 2 to 3 days turn around. Upgrading to 16G $450.00 plus shipping, he still has the heart for our STARQUESTS. He has Mitsubishi Pick up with the Starion rear end with coil overs. I'm trying for him to put multi port 4g54B in it but he wants to put 2jz in it. lets see what happens.. You Can call Charles on his cell for Questions or prices for any turbo upgrade. 954. 864.8283 lets keep them on the road and away from the junk yard.
  4. Rebuild your turbo $250.00+ shipping Upgrade to 16G $450.00+ shipping All parts are OEM Mitsubishi parts. If you want to upgrade to any other size or buy a new Turbo let me know. Our cars are over 20 years old and Mitsubishi upgrades are hard to come by. Years back we sold the 16G upgrade for $550.00. We want to reboot the market for our cars and keep them on the roads. Shop: 305. 885. 9082 Cell : 954. 864.8283 ask for Charles After talking with Charles about getting more prices, he surprised me by bringing the prices on the upgrades down lower. 16G $425.00 SUPER 16G $450.00 18G $475.00 Charles is running the Diesel & Marine section at Mikes Turbo He wants to make it affordable for our cars. you can check out the website www.miketurboinc.com This is using your good core. Thank you TURBOCRAFT29
  5. Hey Man, My family is from Costa Rica I was there when I was a kid, My uncle had starion he bought it new in 86, I always ask him when he gos if he ever seen a starion there. he never saw one. plus the roads will destroy the front spoiler. it would be bad a** to have one there. the way United States is heading I might be moving there myself. Trust me , my cars will come with me. well my friend its all up to you .. PURA VIDA Carlos see my cars
  6. YES, just replace with the pulley from your OEM alternator. :gobot:
  7. I'm using the alternator it fits perfect . Just needed to change pulley. :starwars:
  8. Guys, need more amps from your alternator? Just go and buy an alternator from a Dodge Neon SXT 2005 part number at AUTOZONE 13995. look at it and you will see its the same style that we use.. Carlos @ turbocraft29 :party0049:
  9. I had a mx-6 intake running in my starquest. I like the mx-6 intake it has long runners and the pledum is bigger than the magna .. not talking about the TR intake ... The mazda uses 3.5 throttle body with two butterflies 35mm and I think 55mm fast spool up. It is just sitting in back room..
  10. on fridays several starquesters meet at the Towers in Davie.. Every friday there is a car show and meet.. You can go there and meet us if you wish .. address is I- 595 and Unversity dr .. the Tower shops can't miss it.. Carlos
  11. Check out my intake that I'm selling. $350.00 www.geocities.com/turbocrfat29
  12. I am selling an Intake that was custom made for my starquest . It comes with fuel rail , but no injectors, or throttle body. Bolts right up. air temp and hose fittings are in place. To see pics go to www.geocities.com/turbocraft29 go to the third page. asking $350.00 Email turbocraft29@yahoo.com
  13. a guys the white 89 car was sold. sorry for the delay in repling back Thanks for the response.
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