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  1. reminds me of this thing i read about http://www.starquestclub.com/forums/viewto...highlight=bling
  2. okay my deposit is sent...i read above it has to be in by the 23rd and has to be $50.00 right? i sent $75.00 by 2 day mail so it will be there on time. hope this all goes well ;D s/g
  3. i want the sus. bushings. i sent a p.m. and a e-mail. s/g
  4. sold me the ja spec taillights from his for sale sale post for like $160.00 shipped one is cracked in the orange part,the other is burnt in two pots in the orange spot highly unrecomended in my opinion > s/g
  5. second deal with Mark. sold me some used TEP h/pipes and coolant temp sensors thanks again Mark s/g
  6. thanks slydog for quick payment and giving my diamond headlights and power window motor a new home! excellent transaction! s/g
  7. i had a excellent transaction with MANGO also from the sale of a bumper cover. thanks MANGO! s/g
  8. mikah9 bought some oil cooler lines from me with a fast payment and excellent communication. thanks! s/g
  9. SFBMX88 agreed to buy a shfter boot from me and sent the payment quick! thanks! s/g
  10. hello here is my excellent buyer feedback for club member David Chen. in the mix up of my HKS exhuast sale David sent me a fast payment after i already "sold" it to Big_J here on the club. David was patience and tolerant of me being pretty much clueless on what to about the deal gone wrong and is letting me try to make it right by sending him other other items.... would not hesitate to do business with him again! thanks David! s/g
  11. conan_702 bought a starion carpet and spoiler from. send me a postal money order just like i asked. even put up with my slow shipping of the carpet. : thanks!! s/g
  12. John send a super fast payment for a HKS exhaust system i had for sale. thanks a lot John!! s/g
  13. Oscar i got a question, does the whole kit end up being lighter than stock? s/g
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