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  1. After a lot of thinking, I've decided against selling. My two kids said that I can't sell my "race car"
  2. No it wasn't a rear support, but we did swap parts A few times. I've been gone for so long that I've lost touch with most everyone (andyw, phishfud, importwarrior, Chad, etc.) And I'm not even sure if any of them are still around
  3. Thanks kev (it's been a very long time), and I don't even remember when the last time I was on the site and I noticed majority of the members I was friends with are no longer on anymore. So I am not up to speed with the current prices of these cars. I'm still on the fence with selling it and my wife says i don't need to, but it's just been sitting for years
  4. After a very long deliberation, I have decided it's time to sell my 89 Chrysler Conquest TSi. I've owned this car and been a member of the forums since 2004, and have done many modifications since owning. Modifications that have been completed are: Fully built motor with wiseco 0.20 over forged piston andShot peened and polished rods. (Built by Dad here on the forums) Fully ported caravan head with a tep strip/strip cam 17c td06 turbo Full 2.25" intercooler piping w/ bov 101propose 3" cat back exhaust 101propose front and rear struts Fuel injection pro ecu upgraded to run version 029y4 megasquirt software Stewart Warner coolant temp, boost, and fuel psi gages Aem wdeband o2 sensor Short throw shifter And plenty more I can't think of at this time. The body has around 176k on the odometer and the engine was rebuilt in 2004 or 05 (but I've put practically no miles on it. The cars been sitting in my garage and driven only on occasions around my neighborhood as the last time I had it inspected was in 2014, and need to be fully tuned. The car starts and runs, but as mentioned needs to be tuned to properly drive so a trailer would be needed. Asking 3,000 I'm located in cranberry twp pa Send me a pm for pictures
  5. Check the switched +12 voltage(coil or msd) while cranking. You may be dropping below the needed voltage for the msd to fire while cranking.
  6. Need a wiring harness for my 89, the harness on the driver side that runs all of the power
  7. I keep a link to that e30 topic so i can reference if i ever need to
  8. http://www.e30tech.com/forum/showthread.php?t=25663
  9. I am in need of the main wiring harness that goes through the drivers side fender wheel well. I had picked one up awhile ago but it is for an earlier year and wont work for my 89. Please let me know if you have complete harness Thanks
  10. Here is how i did mine, but i dont have ac and im using electric fans http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l225/substock/Conquest/0928131045a_zps76f6c94e.jpg http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l225/substock/Conquest/0928131045c_zpsee531cf1.jpg
  11. The one posted a few topics down by lepore. Its a modified stock manifold similar to artinists old one
  12. As mentioned above, very easy transaction to do. Shipment info was sent very quickly
  13. Ill take the egr block off if you still have it.
  14. Bought another part off of johnnywadd with no issues. Tracking number came shortly after payment was sent, and the part was exactly as stated
  15. I went back through the car today, and believe that i will need to replace the harness. I pulled the battery and the tray out this morning to unwrap the harness and inspect the wiring, when doing this i found wires that were cut and taped back together (and some just left as is).
  16. well I was working on the car all morning, what I did today: squeezed fuse 9 terminals rechecked all fuse link connections removed interior fuse block for solder joints, damaged wires rechecked relay wiring with fuseable links inserted a flash bulb to substitute fuse 9 and then played with all the wiring (gently at first and then more forceful) Non of this corrected the issue I basically have my interior all taken apart so that I was able to play with all of the wiring. As I this didn't start occuring until I replaced my oil pan gasket and rear main seal (so that I could pass state inspection) I pulled the center console and radio out thinking i damaged the wiring there, after checking on that wiring I then got under the car to check that I reconnected the wires by the transmission, as well as anything around the starter and the alternator.
  17. Bill i apologize to you as i misread your post, i had read you post as the horn and cig lighter were the only items on that fus and the headlights had nothing to do with fuse 9. I started with the cleaning of the fuseable links and grounds first as i knew: 1 - i knew it probably needed cleaned 2 - i was hoping this would be 2 separate issues I wasnt meaning that i ignore starfighters post, his was just the next thing on my ljst to check and then mikes last post, i simply didnt want to begin mixing everyones fixes in 1 shot and make additional problems for myself
  18. Thanks mike, i printed these out and set them on my bench for the weekend. Im going to start with the fuse 9 issue first asi am thinking its all starting from there
  19. Flah to pass did not pass, issue is thay i put a jumper between the blue/white and blue/yellow wire and it didnt do anything
  20. Forgot to mention that i also tried swapping the head and tail relay, but it wasnt a bad relay
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